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    I see dead people...

    Maybe that's because I'm a death knight?

    It's just funny, reading about how Rhonin heroically died, and then, receiving a mail from him. Kinda... suspicious.

    Hint: top-right corner.

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    Rhonin's just so hairy--er, awes--er, clairvoyant that he set up mails to everyone several years in advance!

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    No one is dead in World of Warcraft, its always just merely a setback. Still, Blizzard always likes to bring everyone back.

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    He should have used FedEx.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    No, it's neither harassment NOR ninja'ing to roll on any item the system allows one to.

    Nor is it against any rules to votekick a member from the group - one person can't do it, apparently someone agreed with the rogue.

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