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    MM hunter back in the fray?

    As I looked through the new patch changes I was impressed when I saw MM hunter changes

    New damage of the Aimed Shot is just epic like of the Chimera Shot

    What do you think ?

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    Hunter forums...

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    Moved to Hunter

    In the future, please just report the thread so we can move it. Don't bump it up with a pointless post like "hunter forums..."

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    Will do, wasn't aware of the procedure.

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    Oh sorry thought i was there already ))

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    Well, with ALL the changes

    extra damage on aimed combined with the reduced cast time, along with steady and chim buffs, should help bring mm's numbers up. will it compete? we will have to wait and see the encounters, but I think it will be competetive for sure.

    the rebuilt powershot could also be very interesting for MM

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    We'll have to see. They did buff it by quite a bit, but they also buffed Survival a lot as well.

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    Lol yah i noticed that ... :P i just opened thread in "general Discussion" and it was moved here ... hehe

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