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    I agree. Do you think Demon Hunters will be announced after WoD?

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    Don't like this at all! Demon hunter is more of a spec and not a class. Reading this made me throw up a little!

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    wow you went through a lot of regarding this and you put some time in.

    I like it, I would love blizzard to take your concept and design it.

    I think starting from 55 will make them to easy to get to max and should be lower. Demon hunters started at lvl 1 in warcraft 3

    The only issue is wow would become world of demon hunter and we will no longer have healers.

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    Not usually a fan of a lot of the classes people suggest but this I could get behind.

    I don't know about starting from level 55, however. I do agree that it shouldn't be playable from level 1 but something about it being the same starting level as a DK seems weird to me for some reason.

    Overall I think this sounds like a cool idea! /support

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    Stop necro'ing these threads, and stop trying to make the Demon Hunter happen. It's not going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Solving some problems with Demon Hunters

    3. Metamorphosis and Immolation are Warlock abilities.
    A. True, but the Demon Hunter version of Metamorphosis and Immolation are very different than the Warlock versions.

    5. Demon Hunters are just like Warlocks.
    A. Demon Hunters are to Warlocks as Paladins are to Priests. They use the same magic type, but fulfill very different purposes.
    Man, I wish this OP was still around to help make these points to some of the naysayers in the regular DH debate threads. <3

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