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    On a scale of 1-10 how great do you consider wow lore minus WOD

    Do you find the story good,bad or mediocre.

    For me its going to be an 8.

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    That 1 though.
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    6 for me. Huge universe with loads of characters and factions but a lot of explanations of some actions is just foolish.

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    The background lore as it can be read about: 8

    The way it gets presented in game: 3

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    WoD itself isn't bad, it's just don't make any sense have tons of factions and warlords when they are pointless. I have always believed that they had big plans for all these great warlords, but ultimately cut stuff.

    But the reintroduction of Gul'dan was the best they could do. He is the great emissary of the legion against Azeroth and the connection with the actual lore is fantastic. It certainly has become meaningless in the end, and they did.

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    Warcraft 1 - Vanilla WoW probably 9, TBC and Wrath 8, Cata 4, MoP 0, WoD 8.

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    Lore 9, ingame 7.

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    On a online game to online game basis I would call it a 8 at its peak and 6 after it they started butchering it down for easier gamedesign. There is a severe lack of good lore in online games in general. Presentation was always worse than the actual lore the writer came up with as they focus more on making the game work than make sense. You can't blame that on the lore. That's just the type of game you ply.
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    Over all, a 5.

    Blizzard came up with some amazing and creative ideas during Warcraft 3, TBC, WOTLK, MoP and they took that creativity to many heights in its introduction of new lore and new story.


    Blizzard does have one fatal achilies heel, they have a habit of basically establishing such deep and engaging storylines, then completley throwing them out of the window "because" its cool.

    It annoys me alot, keeping lore established like a tight knit chain is what makes better franchises lorewise work so well, such as LoK which entirley revolved around a very established core universe.

    The Lore is... a two sided sword.

    It cuts itself while being so well polished, often throwing aside old well written stuff for newer, experimental ideas that sometimes hit, often miss.

    So, its a 5, for me.

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    I think a lot of people make the mistake of comparing the game's lore to movies and books, but if you judge it on the basis that it's a video game, suddenly it becomes a little more difficult to find equal comparisons. Gets a 10 from me.

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    a good 7 possibly 8

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    I voted an 8. Metzen obviously has a good thing going. The reason I don't vote higher is because I don't like the few parts of the lore that were butchered. The Draenei retcon for example being one of them. The Illidan/Tyrande/Malfurion part of the story is by far my favourite which is why I will problaby play again in Legion.

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    best lore in the MMORPG genre.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    I like the story of warcraft no doubt, but not all of it.
    All I wish for, is that they would present it better ingame, and not have so much of it in novels etc.

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    I don't give a fuck about lore / 10.

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    WOD should have been the expansion that should have turned around the player base, with a tremendous amount of opportunity to take advantage of detailed Lore.

    Instead we got another grindfest - with the addition of a mythic cache every fortnight to shut us up.

    We got the need to literally log on everyday for garrison work.

    We got the need to literally level all our Alt's to 100 and to help them farm mats for our mains - just to stay competitive and keep a raid spot.

    We also got things like taking the worst idea's out of other games like no flying in Rift.

    And we got one of the worst cinematic raid boss endings in WOW History - Deathwing with far better.

    GG Blizzard on bringing out a "half complete no-frills expansion".

    Legion will be just as shit.

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    Warcraft-8(For it's time)
    Warcraft II-9
    Warcraft III-11.10
    The Burning Crusade-5
    Wrath of the Lich King-8.9
    Mists of Pandaria-8.9
    Warlords of Draenor-6

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    I voted a 6. I'm very passionate about WoW's story and characters but it's filled with missed potential. Characters jump around and change personalities a lot, there's very little in the way of character complexity, and old lore is mercilessly retconned. So it loses a lot of points. But I love the general theme of blending loads of tropes and cliches together to get something new. You can't fault WoW on the originality front. What other series has time travelling Orcs?
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    I won't vote because I don't care much for lore. For me, lore is just something that ends up restricting a lot of things in game. "This is why we can't have nice things"

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    Its a terrible mishmash of garbage and nonsense. I gave it a one, though in hindsight it should've gotten a two since the LK and his whole story line I found entertaining.

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    A little suprised about the poll showing a good amount of 7+. WOD was probably metzen's idea lol

    Vanilla: 7
    BC: 9
    WOTLK: 9
    Cata: 8
    MOP: 6

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