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    DPS Help

    These are the logs from my last Normal ToS run. I'm not sure how to get my numbers higher. The character is Hiroaki. Any help would be great
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    So first thing I notice is you're using the same exact build for every fight - you want to be switching your talents based on what fight. Same goes for legendaries. On single target fights, it's best to use the Power-Cord of Lethendris and the class ring (while also being talented into Soul Conduit). If you don't have the class ring, you might want to take Siphon Life or Soul Conduit over Death's Embrace, as the bosses won't be in execute range long enough for Death's Embrace to benefit you enough (this is only true for normal and heroic if you're in a mythic guild, Deaths Embrace gains tremendous value on mythic when bosses live forever under 35%).

    I also notice you're not using 4pc T20. On multi target fights it's huge. You want to be using that. On single target fights - I've had great results with using T19 2pc + T20 4pc. This is due to UA being a large part of your ST damage, so an extra 10% on top of that is extremely beneficial.

    Edit: I see later in the raid you're using T20 4pc, maybe you got the chest off Maiden in that run. Still though, Hood of Eternal Agony really only gains a lot of strength in multi-target fights. I'd advise using T19 2pc + T20 4pc + Power Cord + Class Ring (If not class ring, use prydaz or something) for ST fights. The fights I consider ST are Goroth, Sisters, Maiden, Avatar, and KJ (yes, I know there are adds, but a large majority of the fight you are only hitting the bosses).

    Also, if you have a Whispers trinket, I'd strongly advise using that over the Burning Sky trinket. It looks like your uptime on Dreadwind Harvester is a tad bit low, maybe use a Weak Aura to help you track how many souls you have and when to pop it to maximize uptime on your souls buff.

    If you don't have a Whispers trinket - run it until you do.
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    on the first boss your pet's doombolts seem really low

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    he was just standing there for a big chunk of the fight. I had just finished running some "test runs" on the training targets in my order hall and left him passive in error :-(

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    Yes, I only had 3 pieces prior to maiden where I got my 4th.
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    Thank you for the advice. I used it well and have started seeing an improvement in my numbers. I need to go get the whispers trinket and pray to the rng gods for the class ring.
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