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    Roaring blaze vs target switching

    If an add spawns while the boss has wrecking havoc + RB immolate on it, should i wait the boss's immolate end to immolate my new target or should i immolate the add as it spawns , refreshing the boss's immolate and losing the RB immolate remaining duration?
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    you should wait for conflag stacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimk View Post
    you should wait for conflag stacks.
    Why? The single immolate is doing 156% damage of 1 immolate with 2 rb stacks. If you havoc a new immolate you get 200% immolate damage for 1 cast.

    Pre-nerf you would have been correct, but at 25% per stack now I don't think you are

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