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    Age of Conan Now On Steam

    Well I was checking Steam for sales and noticed this today.


    Looks like steamies get some cape too.

    Necro is a no no, so here you go.

    Looks like they just went through a "restructuring," haven't they had a couple of those already, so might this be their last Hail Mary Pass?

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    I'm currently re-downloading this since the last launcher wouldn't run through Steam.

    Been meaning to get back into it since they removed the 1-80 dungeon restrictions and removed all the class restrictions, it's a pretty good F2P model now.

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    I downloaded it and went to the character creation screen and immediately exited the game and uninstalled. I can not handle the dated and ugly character models. Rift, GW2, and Tera are so much better both in graphics and gameplay (from what I can tell), so I have no reason to play a dated and ugly game when two out of those three games are free/B2P.

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