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    Which fingers do you use? ... For spamming, strafing etc.

    The title pretty much says it all. Which fingers do you use for strafing while spamming your spam-abilities?

    I'm using thumb and ring finger to strafe on A and D, and using my forefinger and middle finger for spamming.

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    q - strafe left, w - strafe right. all spam abilities on mouse (wheel, buttons, etc)

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    Index on 3 for spam ability. Strafing is a combination of ring finger on A and moving middle finger to 3 and index to D. Usually if I have to strafe right I turn my camera and W in that direction.

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    A and D for strafing (index and ring fingers), and use my thumb to press 4 buttons in conjunction with alt/shift/ctrl modifiers = 12 skills.
    Oh, and I use the Ergodex DX1 keypad

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    I play with my toes. I thought everyone did. Leaves both hands free so you can dual wield mice.

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    Q E for strafing and A+D+3 are my spamming buttons!

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    Thumb moves with the little joystick, all the buttons auto-spam. The button below is bound to jump, as well as a button on my mouse. IF i need to jump while moving I usually just hold both mouse buttons for the second it takes my thumb to leave the joystick to press jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPiken View Post
    Thumb moves with the little joystick, all the buttons auto-spam. The button below is bound to jump, as well as a button on my mouse. IF i need to jump while moving I usually just hold both mouse buttons for the second it takes my thumb to leave the joystick to press jump.

    That thing looks beyond awkward.
    OT: Ring/index finger
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    Q and E is what I use

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    First thing's first, I don't strafe left and right randomly even though I'm survival and totally can. Truth be I prefer to move forward and back. I generally use right click and WSAD for strafing. I have my threat dump and autorun bound to my mouse for emergency situations. I've also considered binding my viper shot to Q and explosive shot to E.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    That thing looks beyond awkward.
    OT: Ring/index finger
    It isnt awkward at all. Took me less then a day to get used to.

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    I use my mouse scroll wheel (push left/push right) for strafing.

    Use 1-6 for spammables.

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    Strafe with A (ring finger) and D (index finger) while spamming with both, depending on which finger I'm currently using to strafe with.
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    i used q and e for strafing, index and ring finger of left hand with my middle finger on the w key.

    my spamming key is my mousewheel button

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPiken View Post
    all the buttons auto-spam
    FYI, you're not allowed to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS1S13 View Post
    FYI, you're not allowed to do that.
    Actually as long as im not using it to write macros that would let me use two abilities with one button press it's ok.

    You can bind them to a keybind that executes a macro if you want, you can also keybind it to a macro itself, as long as it does not perform something the default UI does not do.

    For example it's ok to do /cast Starfire as a g-15 macro, but if you start doing something like:
    /cast Starfire
    (wait 2.5 seconds)
    /cast moonfire

    Then that is not allowed.

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    Yup, Fiskerdin answered this one nicely for me.

    Just remember;

    Anything you can accomplish with the in-game macro system is fine.
    One key-press = one action.
    It isn't automating my character. As soon as i stop pressing the button my character stops acting.

    One GM basically put it "If you're attacked by a cat and you have to use both hands to defend yourself, does your character still function? If so, it's against the rules."

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    Ring finger and Middle finger for strafing (F1 and F2)
    Ring, Middle, and Index are used for main abilities, but I also use Pink and Thumb for less frequent abilities.
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    Strafe is QE
    Spam is 12RF
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    Q & E.

    I use different keys per character for spamming. F1, 1, 2 and mouse buttons 4 & 5 have been used.
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    Index and Ring finger on the A and D keys for strafing, pinky on shift for skill modifier on my left hand. On my right hand, I use my thumb for all my abilities(spamming) on my Razor Naga. Index and middle finger on left and right click.
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