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    [Movies] Steven Seagal vs Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Okay so i have a bet going

    Who is your favorite action star from the following...

    Steven segal circa 89-97

    Van Damm circa 85-97

    any input..perhaps favorite movies from those guys?

    Personally bloodsport takes the cake!
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    Van Damme.

    Block of concrete can act better than Seagal...
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    I vote this guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muoteck View Post
    Van Damme.

    Block of concrete can act better than Seagal...

    A seagull can act better than Seagal.

    (Also going with JCVD), add a poll mayhaps?

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    Van Damme takes it hands down: Universal soldier, Time cop, sudden death, hard target, street fighter, kick boxer, bloodsport; screw Segal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lince View Post
    A seagull can act better than Seagal.

    (Also going with JCVD), add a poll mayhaps?
    How about Russel Crowe?

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    Van Damme for sure! Street Fighter 2 is awesome!
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    top 10 for JCVD

    timecop is a classic

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    Van Damme FTW.

    Seagull is okay, but I find him quite hard to really get behind, not sure why, but with JCVD I always want him to win, even when he's being a dick.

    Also Universal Soldier is one of the greatest cheesy action movies EVER
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    Van Damme hands down.

    Segal had very entertaining flicks though.

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    Segal but only by a small margin, jean claude just likes to show off his arse in his movies too much.
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    Both are pretty bad but I can actually get myself to watch a movie with JCVD, SS I change channel instantly.
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    Easily Van Damme. Hell, he even proved he can actually act in the movie called JCVD.

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    Van Damme. Never liked either all that much, but Van Damme had funner movies to watch, plus as other posters have said, slightly better acting. And streetfighter, come on.

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    Van Damme. I heard he could throw parties that made Charlie Sheen look like a choir boy.

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    I don't really like either to be honest. But if I had to choose one it would be JCVD. Segal has been a going joke in my family with the word Shit and it all still makes sense perhaps more sense. For example:

    Out for Shit
    Above the Shit
    Marked for Shit
    Hard to Shit
    On Deadly Shit
    Under Shit
    Shit Down Below

    Anyways you get the idea.

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    but Under Siege is a fucking awesome movie

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    Neither one is very good as an actor but Segal is simply horrendous. He always has the same expression on his face no matter what the situation in the movie is. The expression is much like that of a severely constipated person trying to force out a turd.

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    Am I the only one here that likes Steven who has taken only 2-3 punches in 17 movies?
    Nah, mostly I say that because I love Aikido.
    If I had to choose, I would pick YURI BOYKA!

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