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    Seagal. Mainly because Under Siege was better than everything Van Damme did in that time period put together. And that aside, Hard to Kill and Marked for Death are at least as good as pretty much everything Van Damme did in that time period, excluding maybe Hard Target and 1 or 2 others.

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    Seagal is a favorite but seriously the latest Van Damme movies are excellent, at least performance and script wise.

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    This cannot be a question? The horrible fake and lousy example of a human being aka Seagal vs VD?

    VD any given day.

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    I vote for Vam Dam, but only because he's so bad he's good :P

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    Van Damme for sure eventho i dont like either but seagal's fighting tactics allways look so fake as in you cant hit him its like when you try too pinch his eyes he uses his hand sideway to block it....
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    Nobody gets down like Van Damme.
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    Van Damme for sure.

    Bloodsport, Kickboxer, The Quest. Just too good.

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    Seagal is a really really really bad actor. So van Damme, even though he's also a really really bad actor

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    Kickboxer and Bloodsport, the 2 best movies in the movie industry say Van Damme...

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    I would say JCVD as well he had a really good run in the mid 80's to early 90's love bloodsport,Kickboxer,Universal Soldier,Lion Heart,Hard Target,and others he did. I will say though that Under Siege 1 is probably the best movie any of them has done thanks to the help of Tommy Lee Jones.

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    For Me its Segal, Prior to "On Deadly ground" and definitely nothing after he left Warner Brothers.

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    Van Damme ! At least he can act. A little...

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    Steven Segal works as a law enforcerment for so many years now...pretty cool.

    Anywho, don't really know, they are both great. Just wierd how Steven Segal and Van never got any bigger fame, seing after the early 1990's all there movies went direct to DVD etc.
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