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    The Fix my DPS - Thread [Mists Edition] (READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING)

    Everyone needs help sometime or another, here's where you ask for it.


    -Fix my spec plx???
    -What is my next upgrade???
    -What rotation should I use???


    -You have no clue why your (or someone elses) dps is so low
    -You want to improve in general
    -You are not satisfied with "Do X, Y, Z in that order" answers
    -You want an answer better suited to your playstyle


    We can't help you if you don't help us. "I do 14000 dps in MsV10 HALP!" only shows us that you can't read this post. There are several tools out there that will help us analyze your output and thus be able to say exactly what the problem is. This is what you need to provide in your post.

    Recommended: Combat Log Parse

    The best way to review your output is to get a combat log parse so that we can see the complete picture. This will show not only what you did, when you did it, and how well you did it, but also what the entire raid did. Maybe the problem was that the Elemental Shaman and Ret Paladin always die really early, and therefore you were missing their combined buffs. A combat log parse will show this.

    I recommend because of how easy their site is to navigate and how easy it is to run. It's very user friendly and has a lot of options and features. Once you have registered here and installed their client, the basic steps to create a combat log are:

    1) Start the client
    2) Follow these directions and start a "Live Report"
    3) Open World of Warcraft, and when you're just about to start the fight, type /combatlog
    4) When the boss is dead, type /combatlog again to stop
    5) Switch back to the client and click "Sync Now" to send the report
    6) Post that link here.

    It's that simple.

    Option Two: Damage Meter Screenshot with Details

    This won't show us all the details, but is better for anonymity of your guild mates. This is a bit simpler than the above because you should already know how to use a Damage Meter. Good Damage Meters include Recount and Skada.

    1) Kill the boss with your Damage Meter running
    2) Pick that fight from the Damage Meter window so we can filter out the rest of the crap
    3) Click your name so the details appear
    4) Hit print screen
    5) Upload that image (World of Warcraft \ Screenshots \) to and post the LARGE THUMBNAIL link here. (You don't need a login here)

    It should look like this

    Last Ditch Effort: Damage Meter or Combat Log Parse of Target Dummy

    This should only be used as a last resort. Basically, follow the steps above but do so for a combat dummy.
    Make sure that the target dummy has zero debuffs on it when you start, and you cast no debuffs on it. It needs to be 100% clean. We can take the numbers you show us and increase them as if you had full raid buffs. If you attack a dummy with a buff or two on it that you don't know about, we will inadvertently factor these buffs in twice, which will make us say "You should be doing XXXXX dps" when you physically can never reach this number.



    Old Fix My DPS thread, up to and including tier 14 of Mists of Pandaria.
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    Third times a charm as they say, so here I post again. The logs Im going to post were before I had a few upgrades. My simcraft suggests 103k dps, this is up from the 102k dps I had with running 13% instead of 9% hit. In either case, Im still falling a bit short, before when I had posted my max from sim craft was 82k was pulling 76-80k. Now, im pulling around 92-97k. Still looking to close the gap as I head into heroics. Either case heres my WoL and armory

    any suggestions, critiques, are greatly welcome!!!!!!!

    Just wanna say thank you to the mods for making new sticky!!!

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    I usually do only 2 things to see if I can help in this thread, check gear for gems/reforges and check for dot uptimes. Your gear seems fine, your dot uptimes less so.

    Especially Unstable Affliction seems low, for instance on the Vizier kill in your logs, only 82,7% uptime, with both other dots at 90+%. That kind of thing, when you seem to know what to do with your gear makes me wonder if you have rerolled to warlock, or not played Affliction much before. It's something to pay utmost attention to in any case. Your dots need to be on target for Malific Grasp (and it's related ghost dots) to get full benefit, so make them a priority before paying attention to MG or Haunt (but after raid mechanics ) Dot uptimes alone won't make up the difference, but it's a start. Once you get high uptime of your dots down you can start learning how to use Affdots effectively and make the most of your buffs while refreshing dots. The step after that is learning how to make best use of Haunt to even further boost those well buffed dots.

    So in short, steps to take to get better (from the short time I took to look at your logs) 1) get better dot uptime 2) learn to use Affdots addon to get the maximum out of buffs for your dots 3) Learn to manage your shards and use Haunt at the times you have the best buffed dots

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    Thank you for the feed back! Yeah, was having a miserable time that night for some reason I couldnt get colors to change on affdots, lotta technical issues. Hopefully, this week I'll be able to post a WoL and see some better uptimes. When I switched my toon, I forgot to copy paste my macros, and now I'm looking for a good soulswap macro if anyone has one.

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    hi basically my main is my priest but i have warlock alt witch i love and at times my guild has asked to step in a dps on due to lack of ranged dps ( hate and suck at spriest dps). so i only have a few logs with me as dps in. so i know i he doesn't have my full attention to make his dps top of the ranged but im looking at a way to increase my damage to help out ( last night got garlon down to 5% twice before hitting that enraged timer) when i sim my self i shoudl be at about 82K dps as a none hard core player hitting 70k would make me happy but i seem about 10k off that at times


    /reports/rt-5ffcrp219qdphx2n/dashboard/ ( add world of logs before)

    /reports/rt-astr0dm4bxg0js93/ (add world of logs before) ( this report is garlon and i was not tanking the pheromones so i should have had a fair bit of dps , but unsure if its sue to first time here that i dont know positioning and such that dps is low)


    /wow/en/character/bronze-dragonflight/D%C3%A9am%C3%B3n/advanced (add before )

    déamón is my characters name if it helps

    thank you for any help
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    New question. I've been hearing from people that using your Haunts during execute is more damage than Drain Souling as much as possible.

    So when I DS I should always keep haunt up (obviously) and my dots refreshed, but any excess shards I should use Haunt spamming? I just want to make sure that Haunt spamming is actually more dmg than using Drain Soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harekrsna View Post
    New question. I've been hearing from people that using your Haunts during execute is more damage than Drain Souling as much as possible.

    So when I DS I should always keep haunt up (obviously) and my dots refreshed, but any excess shards I should use Haunt spamming? I just want to make sure that Haunt spamming is actually more dmg than using Drain Soul.
    No, dont believe it is. Seeing as how haunts are close to the global, and considering a haunt can crit upwards to 160k half that and u get 80k. lotta rng to produce 3x crit of 4x. Drain soul is always best option imo

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    Yes, Dark Soul do make "less" damage than a criting-haunt, but you have to consider the Ghost Ticks as well. They hurt, especially if your DOT's are supercharged.

    So no, spamming haunt is a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shauni View Post
    Yes, Dark Soul do make "less" damage than a criting-haunt, but you have to consider the Ghost Ticks as well. They hurt, especially if your DOT's are supercharged.

    So no, spamming haunt is a bad idea.
    K, well hopefully people can start stopping the misconception then I've heard several locks on these forums saying its more dmg. :P

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    So Im jumping on the demo band wagon. Still not use to the rotation very much but heres my WoL and armory. Would appreciate any tips, advice, critiques!

    WoL for heroic MSV-----

    Thanks for your time!

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    Hey guys, been struggling lately keeping up with the other lock in my guild who I outgear by a good 5 ilvls. I can keep up sometimes as Aff but he blows me out of the water pretty often on Demo, and sometimes as Aff too. I've got a feeling that DoT uptimes are at the heart of the issue, I watch mechanics a little too closely sometimes when I could be pushing DPS harder. There are also times I hold off/miss DS (or Blood Fury) coming off CD, just switched to TellMeWhen to give a bigger visual just for this. With 5.2 coming right up, I really want to improve and

    Below are links to my armory and some logs. The logs are actually run by the other lock in the guild, so I was hoping we could just look at some of the fights where this isn't a problem (e.g. not Gara'jal, Sha). And sometimes I am put in charge of non-DPS roles, CCing HM Wind Lord adds, slowing the add and DPSing it full-time on HM Prots. I guess the best ones to look at would probably be things like Feng, Blade Lord, Zor'lok, etc. I know, it's DoT uptimes, optimal Haunt and MG uptime, I guess I was just hoping/fishing for some concrete answers, like SB:SW less and Haunt more, plan for transition phases for better DoT uptime, and the like.

    Logs (I tried to pick the optimal ones): ; ; ; First two are the most recent and probably the best examples of my lacking DPS

    One last note, I just switched to the Int red gems and Int/Hit purple gems and shifted my reforge to less Haste, as I was reading the 5.1 Demo notes. I don't think the gems/reforges account for as much of a DPS difference as there is. If it's a huge deal that I didn't run them, I'll look into if my semi-old Mac desktop can handle running logs in the background in the future should this continue to be an issue.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hey Mordor, I'm on my phone so cant check logs too well, but from a brief look at your armoury, one of the factors hurting your dps is the high amount of crit that is on your gear. You're logged out in Demo spec, but I'm assuming you use the same gear. After reforging you're at 2700 crit rating still. My lock is only 497 but due to being a goblin I've managed to maintain a similar amount of mastery that you have whilst hitting the next haste breakpoint (6151/6637). My gear has virtually no crit and thus I have 1500 less rating than you. I honestly have no idea how big of an impact this actually has, but it's worth considering.

    Hopefully someone can chime in with logs analysis soon.

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    @MordorFires - Looking at your 2nd log on your zor'lok kill, your dot uptime seem alot lower than the other warlock. Where as he has pretty much 99.4% on all dots, your agony and UA is on 95%, while your corruption is all the way down at 87.8%. If im not mistaken the dot priority is: Agony > Corruption(generates soul shards) > UA, so already there you have a problem. Unless you cant do anything about it, never let ur dots run off.

    If those are the set-pieces you use atm, i'd advise to make the helmet the off-piece by getting the Garalon helm and then use the set-pieces on the other 4 instead of having chest off-piece. You get better mastery/haste from this setup than the 1 you're using.
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    Thanks for the input. I definitely noticed that on the Zorlok fight, don't remember why I let them fall off that badly. It might've been something like them falling off during platform transitions but I should plan for those better.

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    Having just picked up demo this patch really, am I doing it right? I'm sure I'm screwing up somewhere, but where? (Destro mostly on horridon)

    Horridon wipes last night:

    some destro attempts in there, but I started trying demo again later on. Destro's probably a better option on the fight, but I need a havoc system that works when there's multiples of an add out. And havocing into horridon is a waste.

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    Please someone help me out. IDK what I'm doing wrong anymore. My DPS has been subpar. Most of the times. I'm getting really frustrated

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    Heya! I'm loving to play as destru and used to be afliction, but I'd like to have some tipos to improve my reforges/gemming focusing only to destru single target/cleave.

    For now Im focusing on haste > mast > crit on reforge and gemming for int/haste.

    here is my armory:

    Im doing arround 105k dps on ToT bosses so far.

    Thank you in advance.


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    You should check out the destro guide by brusalk. For single target crit > haste > mastery is the way to go. Personally, as I'm completely broke after spending around 8k gemming and reforging these past 2 weeks, I'm going with haste > mastery > crit. The difference in single target is less than 1k, and allows me to switch to affliction without forking out 300g between bosses. Therefore if you don't care about a few hundred dps then keep doing as you are. If you want to squeeze out every last drop then read the stickied guide and be prepared to reforge as the fight requires.

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    Yeah I made some simcraft calcs and then went to dummy and finally to test on LFR ToT 1st and 2nd boss and I got a very nice dps increased by focusing on crit > mast > haste with my current gear. So thats the way I'll do for now.

    Ty anyway


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    Good day to ya'll.

    I'd be very much interested in my destruction-skills/fails.
    Log 's from Megaera 10 man. Char-Armory: eu . battle . net/wow/ de/character/blackmoore/Askallad/simple
    (recent changes: Valor Trinket instead of DMC / reforged&gemmed out of pure mastery)
    (yay sorry can't post legitimate links)

    except for 2 obvious faults one being havoc'd shadowburns the other being MF (didn't realise it worked without there).
    What am I doing wrong?

    and another log, maybe slightly more useful:

    I seem to be severly lacking on burst during the bloodlust pull. I manage to catch up eventually but that does indeed bother me..
    doh I have no idea if I play decently, an answer would be most welcome.
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