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    PvE/PvP isle of thunder dailies.

    Quick question. Suppose you clicked the PvE set of dailies but all of the sudden you decided you would rather have done the PvP set, is there a way to switch from those batch of dailies to the other?

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    No idea, though you could try to abandon them and see what happens?

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    Slightly offtopic, but: Could it be that you can do both sets every day?
    I always thought you are only supposed to do one, and have to decide between the two - yet I just finished both sets consecutively.

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    Where are the pvp dailies on the Isle of thunder, i have not seen them.
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    Where are the pvp dailies on the Isle of thunder, i have not seen them.
    They unlock at stage 2.
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    I'm yet to do them (didn't have time in the morning) so I've got one question: you can only do one set, right? Either pvp ones or pve ones?

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    I thought you could only do one set per day, will have to check this tomorrow.

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