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    Question Struggle with method SetFont()

    Hello there,

    I was hoping that someone could be able to help me here. I'm working on an addon to provide a bar that fills up according to Resolve buff (the new "revenge"), which is ResolveStatus on curse.

    My problem lies within the method SetFont(), which is associated with texts. According to the API documentation, this method works like this:
    And should return 1 (or -1, can't remember), if the filepath is correct within the WoW directory.

    The call that I do is like that:
    Local fontname = "arial.ttf"
    However, this method seems to only work on realoading UI, let me explain:
    The fontname is a savedvariable of the addon, set by the user, if the user type a new file name (ex: "font2.ttf"), it is saved into saved variables, and I execute the method above, but it doesn't work, and seems to indicate that the font path is incorrect. However, if I reload UI, the variable is still set in SavedVariables, and the addon on load executes the same SetFont call, and this time it works.

    Once a new font has been added through a reload UI, simply calling the method once again without reloading UI seems to work (as if the game cached the font correctly).

    Do you have any idea if this is intended behavior ? (Sorry I might have not been clear as I'm on my phone on my way to work, I might be able to provide parts of the incriminating code later if needed).

    Thanks for your help

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    Bumping, and adding some informations.

    Here is the code that I'm using to set the font:
    local fontpath
    local SelectedFont = self:GetText()
    if not (SelectedFont == "" or SelectedFont == "Default" or SelectedFont == "default" or SelectedFont == "DEFAULT") then
    	-- Add ".ttf" if not specified by user
    	if string.find(SelectedFont,"\.ttf$") then
    		fontpath = SelectedFont
    		fontpath = SelectedFont.."\.ttf"
    	-- This is the part not working currently, SetFont should return something if the path is correct
    	-- but it returns nothing (eventhough the path is correct). However this works on reload UI
    	if f.StatusBar.Text:SetFont("Interface\\Addons\\ResolveStatus\\Fonts\\"..fontpath,ResolveStatusDB.fontsize) then
    		ResolveStatusDB.fontpath = fontpath
    		self:SetText("Invalid file")
    	ResolveStatusDB.fontpath = "Default"
    Need clueeeees

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