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    Karazhan chess event bugged?

    I guys today i decided to solo Kara after long time (since cata more or less), i've always soloed it without any problem but today the chess event seems strange, bugged; med move it's pieces at light speed and and use cheats way too fast. Anyone noticed that and know a new method to solo it ?
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    He did that while back in Cata as well. Then they hotfixed it so he wouldn't cheat that much. I guess they need to teach him some manners again.
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    It is not so much the cheating that is the problem now. The enemy plays much better constantly getting their king healed and doing a lot more damage than they used to. I have no idea what blizzard was thinking making it so much harder to solo now, you need a whole lot of luck to get it done now opposed to the couple of tries it used to take.

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    "Excessive cheating" was hotfixed a few months ago I think, but maybe the encounter is broken again (maybe in a different way).

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    been soloing it week in week out to farm black bloodfang for my monk. it really just comes down to RNG. sometimes i one-shot it and sometimes it takes 3-4 tries, occasionally 5 but rarely.

    i use the demon tactic, first i move my demon out then i clear a spot to move the king out of the fire on the first cheat. after that it comes down to cleaving as many enemy pieces as possible with the demon aoe and luck. if he constantly buffs the opposing king/nearby pieces it makes it a real pain in the ass.

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    Ive always had trouble Soloing it, i just take a friend with me just to make it abit easier.

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