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    starter holy PvE gear

    i'm thinking about starting to heal on my ret/prot paladin, but I need gear for that. I want to get me some starter gear before gearing up in 5 man heroics. however, the available sets are pretty inadequate: either the 408 starter set from on top of the wall, or the crafted PvP set, which isn't ideal for PvE.

    which would you recommend?

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    Not sure about holy, but why would the pvp set not be ideal? Ultimately you have to start somewhere - there's the pvp set, the green set, and if you have lots of gold, BoE purples from the AH. I wouldn't think the pvp set would give you much trouble if your goal is to replace them with 463s.

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    Are you asking whether to choose an ilevel 408 set or a crafted 450 set? If so, that's a no brainer. PvP stats no longer use any of the item budget, so the latter set is 42 item levels better. It may not be optimally itemised, but I am sure it will be fine for healing 5 mans.

    To be honest, if you have 460+ ilevel on your ret/prot gear, I would be tempted to queue for LFR with only 450 blues. Don't worry about healing meters but focus on keeping one tank up and you should play a useful role (LFR healers seem to love AOE healing).

    Do bear in mind that by around 5th March, so there will be 478 pvp gear available for honour. I think that would be a great failsafe for slots you have not filled with dungeon or LFR drops.

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    actually, I just checked WoWhead, and apparently, there's a crafted 450 PvE set. i'll try that one first.
    edit: apparently, it's not available to players... QQ

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    The PvP 450 crafted set is actually well itemised for beginner Holy PvE. It's packed with Mastery and Haste and Spirit (Mastery>Haste are your best stats after spirit).

    You can get a PvE 463 crafted shield from BS. Main hand will be a little trickier though.

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    I would go with the 450 crafted pvp set. The itemization of the set isn't bad. Or que as tank and ninja the holy gear. Half the time you wont end up running with a holy pally anyways.

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    There's a crafted 463 healing axe among Klaxxi BS recipes

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    There is, that is true. Masterwork Forge-wire Axe. Shame the only one on AH on my server is up for 6k -.-.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    actually, I just checked WoWhead, and apparently, there's a crafted 450 PvE set. i'll try that one first.
    edit: apparently, it's not available to players... QQ
    The PvE set was never implemented because it was functionally equal to the PvP set.

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    go crafted pvp gear or low level greens, it will be hard the first few times, but it will make you a better player if you learn from it and do well with it instead of roflstomping it with 496 crafted epics. Keep in mind the dungeon is intended to be beatable in 437 greens

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    If you can grab the Forgewire Axe & the PvP set you shouldn't struggle at all, just let the tank know you're a little under experienced and you should be fine

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