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    Is Engineering easy to level if you farm all your mats?

    Power leveling a hunter to 90 and haven't taken any professions just yet. I'm thinking mining/engineering.

    Is engineering a pain in the butt to level without buying everything at the AH? I mean, I'll buy things that are cheap and I need a mass amount of.

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    Leveling professions is fairly subjective and depends significantly on the state of your server's AH, but in general it's pretty easy to level engineering. Hell, half of 1-300 just takes stones that are like 30s/stack. The biggest issue tends to be finding enough of all the bars on the AH, but if you are taking mining it's pretty darn simple, really.

    Personally, I'm lazy and bought everything to level engineering on my rogue. Only cost about 8-10k gold and a few trips to the guild bank.

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    If you farm everything, it costs you in time instead of gold. If this is to be a new main, I would want something other than mining (since you aren't a tank)...if just an alt for pvp or whatever then it's cool.

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    Yes, if you got a miner with swift flight, there is no reason to go to AH for engineering (or BS and JC for that matter).

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    Not really. Only cost me about 9k in AH mats to 1-600 Engineering about 2 months ago. Quite a bit less than I've spent leveling other profs. Realistically that's not a lot for the common WoW player at all.

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    Engi is extremely easy to level if you get all your mats yourself. Especially Fel Iron and Cobalt will be expensive, so if you can farm those yourself it helps a lot. My AH, on the busy side of a medium pop server, didn't even have the amount of Fel Iron I needed anyway, nor the other TBC ore.

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    Engineering - as with all professions - is much easier to level these days than it used to be.

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    Go check the mats required and their quantaties/prices

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    Mop lvls are by far the easiest .. Cross servers has made it a hassle farming mats urself though

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    Yep, I mined all of my mats up then dropped mining and replaced it with engineering on the spot.
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    Yes, Engineering easy to level if you farm all your mats.

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    recently my spouse decided to level engineering on her main since we didn't have a Jeeves in raid any longer she farmed all the mats and it took very little effort to cap.

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    - it doesnt cost very much even if you dont farm your stuff yourself
    - it isnt as easy as most other professions, as you need to build a lot of stuff which you need as a material to craft other stuff which then again is a material for another recipe. So you got to either calculate a lot or just deal with the excess.
    - There are some things that give you 5 skillpoints on completion which make life a bit easier but those always require the costly mats like truegold or living steel.
    - you hardly can earn any money with it, tho lateley it is getting a bit better thanks to those trinkets
    - everyone will envy your belt and hand enchants
    - Always make <various iron bars>-bolts until you cant get any more points with them, you usually need more bolts and it sucks when you just have to craft another 10 bolts for which you could have been eligable to get skillpoints from.
    - Make sure not to oversee kewl stuff, just due to level. E.G. Frostbombs which are a recipe around 350 i guess. They have a casttime (1 or 1.5 secs) but you can walk/run meanwhile and it works like a pet nova. Even tho the recipe is quite outdated (burning crusade says hello) the items are still very viable, even in pvp. It rocks as a firemage to be able to range-nova someone while running away.

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    Maybe it is easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedelus View Post
    Engineering - as with all professions - is much easier to level these days than it used to be.
    please let me to disagree when it comes down to leatherworking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    Engi is extremely easy to level if you get all your mats yourself. Especially Fel Iron and Cobalt will be expensive, so if you can farm those yourself it helps a lot.
    The problem is that fel iron is a real PITA to mine. Cobalt too, to a lesser degree. I just leveled engineering on an alt and it was faster and more efficient for me to just buy fel iron and adamantite off the AH. Mined the others on my own. It's just not worth it for me.

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    Engineering is pretty cheap to level tbh. Opposed to Leatherworking, which cost me about 16k to lvl up, Engineering only took me 8k. (Bought all mats myself)

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    Engineering is easy to level but there are also hidden costs for awesome Items like Jeeves which are not only expensive to create, but it also takes a while to farm the recipe.
    Note that for Jeeves you need not only farm the recipe for a whilem but you also have to travel long and far to get the schematic for the robots etc. that are used to create Jeeves (or do what I did and ask for an Engineer in trade chat who creates you these Robots for a fee ^^)

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