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    Should we be worried about rogues?

    After watching this video, I feel like 5.2 rogues might be a bit OP...


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    Not as worry as you should be about mages. Oh that only means one thing, RMP.

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    PTR is free, and it includes lvl 90 templates of every class, and it includes a full pvp gear vendor. Go play some 5.2 rogue. It's more then a bit.
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    you should always be worried about good rogues. They can still mess you up.

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    Did anyone even watch the video?

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    You mean the terrible waste of time video? I started it, clicked through it a few times expecting to eventually get to actual pvp, realized it was trash, and closed it.

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    rogue 5.2 = worse than warrior 5.1 hf boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conviq View Post
    rogue 5.2 = worse than warrior 5.1 hf boys
    Speak for yourself, I disagree.

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    Yeah I don't think people watched the video.

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    The message of the video was the passing of the torch or changing of the guard between Warriors and Rogues. The video assumes that Rogues will be the best melee, which is far from the truth.
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    Should you worry about Rogues? No, don't be silly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machomaije View Post
    Not as worry as you should be about mages. Oh that only means one thing, RMP.
    play RPS. win the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omen View Post
    They're still going to be really fragile. I quit playing my rogue mainly because of that.
    1 min cloak / baseline prep.. ya.. gonna be a breeze.

    OT; i dunno.. did you do something to them we should know about?

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    Damage is up a little bit, prep is baseline and cloak CD has been reduced is the essence of 5.2 changes from what I've seen.

    Rogues will still be extremly clunky to play which makes me hesitant to go back to RMP again with all the finishers that are needed + feint rolling almost nonstop vs any decent team. Will still have windows to kill, but they will be quite narrow, good rogues will most likely come back a bit on the ladders, but I guess the everyday rogue you face in sub 2k arenas or random BGs will still be sat on for a few secs and will eat dirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    The message of the video was the passing of the torch or changing of the guard between Warriors and Rogues. The video assumes that Rogues will be the best melee, which is far from the truth.
    Rogues arent melee anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsunny View Post
    Did anyone even watch the video?
    don't need to after playing on the ptr. they honestly aren't even bad right now.

    but that's the thing with classes that bitch every expansion

    i'm weak i'm weak i'm weak buffs plz

    which, you know, they get

    when they only suck because their competitors for group spots are just better, so that class should be nerfed. so blizzard is just like "we suck at this, so we're going to nerf those classes and buff these classes".

    edit: oh hey

    it's one of those videos someone makes every patch

    you know, i never got the name of that movie. what is it?
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    so ppl fear rogues when we had glaives and vial+daggers , we always had prep + shadowstep and all of a sudden they trashed us for 6 months while we had to chose step or prep and when we get them back they start look at us as gods , i'm seriously dissapointed of those who got it easy and complain we will be so powerfull again when we always had those tools in our arenal.
    Imagine to fight a mage that cant blink from stun or he cant iceblock if he wants the silence , all the hell will break if they will get those kind of things but no we had to play 6 months without what we had since the begining and now players start to think we dont deserve them back.
    MoP is such a trash when it comes to PvP , the devs made so many wrong decisions that even when they try to make up for them will only do more harm than good to comunity , give buffs 1 patch nerf to the ground next , remove blankes just to give them back 2nd day

    I for one i so miss the TBC pvp , everything from there on started to move into total sea of multi ccs retarded amount of dmg ppl getting global shots and sad part is that it keeps going for worse, but then again that is only my 2 cents about what is about to come and what i miss

    As for the OP if u should be worried about the rogues? hell ye just cuz Mop is so bad for the rogues u should always remember the feeling that some1 is in the shadows watching for u to slice u down in no time , but like i said just cuz MoP made rogues so bad in pvp no1 is afraid of them anymore and when we get some of what was ours to beging with they start question if u should be afraid?!! my friend u always must be afraid that we will come and ambush u even if we suck atm be sure as hell that we wont stop try until we get it done , is the way of the rogue bra get used to it and be afraid of us
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    I'm worried simply because I don't think Rogues are in a bad spot right now unless you play really high-end, and next patch will only make them more worrying.

    And yes, I did watch the video. Random guy I neither know nor care about makes some video to make some other guys I don't know or care about seem bad by poorly shopping in names over a Kung Fu movie.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Wish he'd tried a little harder to come up with more clever names and titles instead of so many "virgins," but still good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conviq View Post
    rogue 5.2 = worse than warrior 5.1 hf boys
    Not even close, not even close bro.

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    Fun video, won't be discussing rogue PvP though

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