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    Found weird Pile of things in seradane/Hinterlands?


    Was out there killing rabbits because fuck rabbits, and i spotted this weird formation different than the rest of the area.
    is this some sort of easter egg or just a random pile of dragon skull and two skulls with breathing holes in their skulls?

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    Probably has something to do with Seradane being one of the 4(?!) portals to Emerald Dream.
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    Turn back now. You're looking into something you don't want to know the answers to.

    Just kidding. Not sure. it's always interesting to find something out while adventuring and just puzzle for a minute if it has a deeper meaning. But then again, it could just be a pile of junk.

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    Looks like a grave.
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    If you dance naked on it for 1 hour straight it summons an angry green dragon that eats you and makes you rez in Feralas.

    Not really, but it's a fun thought

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    theres also a circle of stones surrounding a dragon skull on the side of the mountains around Seradane, with one of the stones glowing blue.
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