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    For some reason, always seem out of reach for me :-(
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    Going to have to go with Frostbitten. All I'm missing is Aotona and with CRZ, there's always several people in SB. I sort of took it for granted; I've tamed her twice and during both occurrences, I simply thought, 'Hmm, think I'll go get her' and she was up with no wait. I started going for Frostbitten at the end of last summer and I just haven't seen her. Conversely, I haven't wanted to finish it so badly that I've been willing to camp. Guess I could always park a character when I'm just doing paperwork or something.

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    Cloud 9 is bugging me at the moment, but I'll have to just do the afk/requeue strat this weekend.

    Other one that's really a pain is Mine (in IoC). I've missed that by ~10 seconds 3-4 times. Worth 45 points for me, for the meta
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    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    The Insane in the Membrane achievement is my bane. I'm so close to getting it too!

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    Most annoying one was Hero of shattrath

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    I'm currently only missing <The Perfect Storm> and <Stormtrooper> (kill 5 flagcarriers in a single game) for Battlemaster.

    The closest I've gotten is the Horde getting 16! points before us winning and 3 flagcarriers, sigh.

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    The Traitor King, just fuck that achievement...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilostromrage View Post
    Better get that 'Seat of Knowledge ' before 5.2, it will be much harder with the mantid pristine additions.
    i dont think this is really true. but id like a confirm if anyone can

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    Ooow the FoS (if that counts), from opening AQ gates, they removed the questline and gave people FoS if they had completed the questline..
    Anyway i was part of it in vanilla, (not me, but the TANK obv would get it.. tanks were gods then^^) Anyway not the point.

    I completed the questline on my paladin in TBC, (except the last quest "bang the gong" because i was going to transfer server and get the mount, then i didnt do it) And then i didnt "bang the gong", incase a bugg came and i could collect the mount/title that way. (It had happend on another server, and they didnt remove the rewards from players who got it in a bugg).

    So long story short, they remove the quests, gives FoS. But i didnt get the FoS, because i didnt "Turn in last quest" ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeyberrybakery View Post
    The Insane in the Membrane achievement is my bane. I'm so close to getting it too!
    Oww while we are at it!
    Fuck this FoS aswell...
    I got the revered part with bloodsail before achievements came out.
    Then i got rep with everything else to exalted, didnt get the achievement.
    Ask blizz wtf? They say "We dont have records so far back" (and my bloodsail admiral "honored getting the same day as achievements were released is not "enough" for them).
    So i have everything except for bloodsail, and i have had that for a very long time. And i will NEVER get hated with goblins again, so i wont get this acheivement
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    Nerf Scrapbots has always been impossibly frustrating to me. Anyone who has ever attempted it is sure to know why.
    I like ponies and I really don't care what you have to say about that.

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    Like others have said Seeker of Knowledge and the old Insane was nuts.

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    Aid in the construction of the Dwarf defenses in the scenario, 'A Little Patience'.

    - i do that scenario at the end of my dayli hero/dayli scen routine .. and THE FUCKING DWARFS NEVER WANT MY HELP!

    Binan Village All-Star
    Personally use each of the Brewmoon Festival defenses.

    - same .. going in so many times just to get the same shit over and over again

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    Undying, there was always someone lagging in the dancing boss and then he died and all lost the achi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinezor View Post
    My death was winning a fishing tournament.

    Many attempts in Wrath and Cata. But never won or even Saw a shark as well as always got to 36-ish fish before the winner was announced.

    Finally got it recently. FIRST PLACE!
    Ouch. I got my win and heirloom ring on the second try.

    For me it's getting the 250.000 hk achievement. I've been really close for a long long time, but I just can't force myself to do the BGs >.<

    It used to be the 50 tries left on ToGC - 49 tries 4 weeks in a row because someone would f*** up on the final boss, usually the paladin bubbling instead of bopping etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Druid Dude View Post
    Undying, there was always someone lagging in the dancing boss and then he died and all lost the achi...
    we actually got this our second naxx run without knowing the achiev existed until we all got it

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    Even when I was playing a while ago - not letting the opposing team destroy any of your tanks Ilse of C. I imagine they are almost 1-shot now. It just seems impossible to completely stop the entire other team from destroying even 1. *Demolishers

    Not to mentioning winning with a perfect score in EotS - WTF? I understand how you could hope to do this (by rushing the opposite sides 2 towers) but if the other teams just focuses one of them.. they will almost certainly get 1 point... just seems ridiculous.
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    Iron Dwarf Medium Rare. Some noob always want to do it too .
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    All the pet battle ones, I don't mind boring grinds where I atleast can play my wow character, but when I'm forced to play a shitty pokemon clone to fill my achievement tab it gets on my nerves.
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    Loremaster just because I've wanted it forever but never actually work on it.
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    Isle of Conquests "Mine" was very annoying. after 400 IoC i got it and i hate this BG with a passion.
    Now my most annoying achievement would be Seeker of Knowledge. way too random

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