View Poll Results: Does Throne of Thunder look great or just another lame raid?

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    24 8.89%
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    21 7.78%
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    Looks fuckin awesome.
    Perfect example of why "community" forums are poisonous to the health of a development team. These developers are wasting hundreds of hours trying to stem the tide of incessant bitchery that would never, ever abate so long as these entitled, unfortunate human beings don't get their way.

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    Instance looks great and a lot of the boss fights seem quite fun only worried that it may turn into trashfest 2013.

    Beware of the snails before Ji Kun!
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    Having looked at some of the encounter previews, I'm really liking the looks of it.

    Ji-Kun looks like an interesting fight.

    OT: I just HOPE that the last boss of all of MoP is a stationary boss, unless it's Old God related. Fight's like Lei Shen show off how awesome movable bosses can be
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