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Thread: Nameplates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by econ21 View Post
    You do understand the principle of threatplates? They are not just any other nameplate. They enlarge the plate of mob you don't have threat on (if tanking), making it easier to click on and more importantly, identify.
    Yeah, tanking was the primary motivation for me to start using nameplates outside of pvp. It was really nice to be able to monitor threat on multiple adds when I didn't have them targetted, in addition to things like swapping for interrupts, etc. I wouldn't say they're mandatory, but I think they provide extra data that allows me to be a more effective tank.

    Then I just started missing them on other characters, so now I just use them all the time on everyone. Just off the top of my head, there are a lot of circumstances where they provide useful data even as a DPS or healing raider. Just thinking of this tier: It's nice to be able to immediately pick out which of a cluster of adds is lowest health without targeting (Lei Shi), or for targetting things that might be otherwise hard to target quickly (Elegon Sparks), and watching the health percentage of things you don't generally target (fields on Empress), or tracking which mobs of many are casting (Windlord adds), etc, etc.

    I don't use them to track dots or anything like that though; I like them clean and simple.
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    I do hate them on friendlies and neutrals tho. Aesthetically, they are not nice and are very immersion breaking. I still remember the horror of that room full of tiny snakes in Gundrak with nameplates - I could not see anything in the scrummage of hundreds of yellow nameplates.

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    Is it even possible to do PvP without enemy nameplates?

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    Tidy plates and Tidy plates threat plates. Invaluable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    using Tidyplates. it's great for pvp and very useful while tanking , by choosing status colors you can see easily if someone pulls aggro from mobs in aoe trash, also you can see dots on them
    Amg, your name.

    But yeah, like he said. Tidyplates is immensely helpful, from seeing a variety of enemies' health, threat and debuffs thatyou put on the target it basically makes looking at the Unit Frames not necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by econ21 View Post
    I do hate them on friendlies and neutrals tho.
    You can set Blizzard nameplates to only activate for hostile targets. Default keybind is Shift-V (might need to hit it twice).

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadllbolt View Post
    i have. still had no use for them.
    So you NEVER had to pick a caster out of a crowd to silence them? And NEVER had a hard time doing so with a full pack of mobs and a bunch of aoe going off? I call bull.
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    NEED. MUST HAVE. If I see the nameplate, likely I'm about to aggro it. It's easier to target if tab targeting is being dumb. Easier to see cast bars. Easier to see if they're about to die. Looooooove them bars. /Hugs bars and rolls around on the floor with them.

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    I can't imagine playing as a tank without TidyPlates
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    I can't play without my nameplates everywhere, it really helps in terms of small packs where aoe's no better than single targets. I've just gotten used to having them there, even when questing and they're not as important it just feels really weird not to have them there.

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    i used to use the default name plates for pvp but never had them turned on in pve. shit was never serious enough for me to have them on whether i was dpsing or tanking

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    I have them on all the time. I have tidyplates to make them smaller though. Blizzards NP's are waay to big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akoroth View Post
    See the health of stuff, for example 2 people attacking you, one is on 20% one is on 100%, you obviously should kill the 20% guy first
    Unless hes a warrior, then the 100% target seems more promising.

    OT: Yeah I use them all the time (only for enemy targets though, and I filter crap out like shadowy apparitions/dummy totems/etc..). It also helps to have cast bars linked with nameplates.
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    Ok. i have a 2nd question now. I'm going to give nameplates a try, and wish to thank everyone for their feedback and input. My new question is: will i have difficulty getting tidyplates to work with TukUI? (i don't like how tukui's plates look, either.)

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    I think Tukui already takes care of the name plates. Also, it works very good with addons like tidy plates, recount / skada, grid and so on.
    Tidy Plates + Vial Cooldowns ( with a minor tweak) = best thing ever.

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    It's useless on PvE, but it's cool on PvP since you can see people's class and HP% faster.

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    TidyPlates Threat is a beast.
    I'm not sure how I could get on without Nameplates let alone TidyPlates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    It's useless on PvE, but it's cool on PvP since you can see people's class and HP% faster.
    How is that not also a bonus in PvE? It's faaaar from useless in PvE, especially versus casters.
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    This isn't so different than people who turn with keys vs those who turn with mouse. You can get by without nameplates but showing them will ALWAYS be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    It's useless on PvE, but it's cool on PvP since you can see people's class and HP% faster.
    It's extremely useful in PvE. Lets you see location, health, casting, and whatever else you choose, and lets you easily pick out any specific target in the pile of bullshit that is wow pve combat. I really don't understand how you can make a post like that, outside of sheer ignorance.
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