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Thread: Engineering

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    Hello all,

    I was wondering what benefits engineering has in pvp? Such as arenas and rbgs

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    Pretty much zero, since most of the really useful items made via engineering are not usable in rated pvp matches. Having said that though, I wouldn't let it deter you from getting it for other forms of pvp if it is a profession you're interested in.

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    Random BG goblin glide rocket belt all day bro.

    In rated matches that matter though, nothing really. Synapse Springs? Meh.

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    hmm interesting, i was under the impression that eng gave some kind of stat bonus of some sort. I wasnt too sure if it would be worth leveling

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    You get stats to your gloves for a couple seconds every minute, which can be helpful.

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    springs+tailoring proc when synced up can make for some good burst on a kind of low cd, tailoring proc is something like 45-55 sec cd, and the springs are 1 min on use cd. Can make for good unexpected burst.

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    If the engi glove enchant could be used with on-use trinkets, maybe it would be worth something. As it is, your gloves will rarely sync with CDs unless you're rolling with the proc trinket as opposed to the on-use one.

    Aside from joking around in BGs, Engi's fairly weak as a PvP profession because of it's limitations.
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    Maybe you can throw bombs to bust rogues

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    engineering is very good right now.

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