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    Rolling Thunder Bug on H Sha?

    Hey, I've been getting P2 H Sha the past couple weeks, and it seems my Rolling Thunder isn't giving me appropriate mana regen. Lightning shield is up (triple checked), I don't start my CL spamming until 3(1), while keeping a flameshock up on Sha and an add. Once 4(1) rolls around, I'm OOM. This happened a couple times on H Will as well when we were AoE killing 2 waves of rages. Any input? Seeing similar problem? Any help would be appreciated!

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    If you're cleaving ~2-3 targets, with unlucky procs you will burn more mana than RT gives you back.

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    I'm heavy cleaving as well on H sha (from 2 adds onward) and I also precast a couple of EQ when sha submerges, you'll struggle till waves of 4 with mana, and i roll a couple of thunderstorms inbetween. You should get some mana back when you LB on Sha while waiting for the adds to come.
    When waves of 4-5 adds starts to come in you'll get to full mana in no time with RT proccing from heavy CL jumps (assuming you're using CL glyph, which you really should)

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    Pay Attention that CL actually jumps from Sha on those adds, if they are not properly kited Cl won't jump on those adds.
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