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    Basic Campfire no longer has a cooldown. you heard it here first!
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    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    Something to do with CRZ. They know realms are dying and need to do something to fix it. So I'd guess crossrealm AH / guilds / cities / something.

    Or something completely different :P

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    I really, really, really, really want the low level scaled things, so I can play with my friends

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    It will be the implementation of the pokemon story in azeroth. Use battle pets and defeat the elite four!

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    I think it will be level downscaling so you can do old dungeons and raids with friends while they level. They announced it long time b4 iLev downscaling so I assume they have tech right now to do it. I really would be enjoying this very much.

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    Really, OP where did you find those 3 options? Did you make them up? Because I can't find anything on the front page hinting towards any of those things.

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    1. Raid Finder extended to all raids
    2. UI overhaul

    My 2 cents
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    Cross realm / faction auction house
    Cross faction guilds
    Cross faction dungeons and raids
    Players scaled to zones and dungeons, ala gw2
    Blizzard store in game
    Second class per character
    Player / guild housing
    Deploy-able Gypsy style caravans that can be towed by your mount
    All vendor sold items in game also purchasable via credit card

    It could be anything, and whatever it is some people will love it, some will hate it and most won't give a crap anyway.

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    Personally I think if they implemented old school vanilla wow and BC servers that would be bad ass. I think it would get ppl excited and playing again.

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    My guess would be something to do with character models.
    While it might not be a full update, we might see something like enhanced particles to allow for more customization.

    They were done with dwarves or something before MoP came out, weren't they? If we assume they've been working on it all this time, and if the trolls are any indication... we might see at least one, maybe two races revamped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Really, OP where did you find those 3 options? Did you make them up? Because I can't find anything on the front page hinting towards any of those things.
    Don't use the front page. Use your imagination. If you have one, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldhearth View Post
    Don't use the front page. Use your imagination. If you have one, that is.
    Oh I get it. I said something, but it was just a joke. My bad

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    I really hope it's a mentoring system (as in EQ2). So you can scale down your level and do old content at it's appropriate level.
    If they want to really make that a cool feature it should limit your whole char as if it where on that level, so not just scaling level down but also disabling spells and stats (mastery e.g.) that can't be used on that level, disablind the use of highlevel flasks, limiting ilvl etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldhearth View Post
    1. Scaling of all old raids/dungeons similar to challenge modes. Bosses will still drop the same loot, therefore the rewards will be cosmetic only. Transmog gear, titles, and mounts.

    2. Random Raid Finder. This may not be the feature they're talking about, but will probably be introduced in 5.3. Keep the older MoP raids alive, while giving players extra valor for completing a random raid.

    3. Some kind of user created content. Highly unlikely, but had to put it here just in case. I hate to say player housing, because I don't think that fits w/ wow and devs have stated many times they don't like the idea, but something similar is probably to be expected. I honestly thing they are slowly testing the waters for this with sunsong ranch.

    Just my 2 cents. Your thoughts?
    1. Scaling of all old raids/dungeons won't happen because the content is already nerfed to a point where it requires changes in order to be challenging enough for the scaled group. I don't see a reason to use time for old content. They can add titles, mounts and transmog gear to the future content, it doesn't have to be old content.

    2. It's not really a big feature compared to Cross Realm Zones, Raid Finder, Dungeon Finder etc.

    3. I don't think they'll give us power to create our own things (Minecraft)

    I think it may be Cross Realm Guilds, or something similar which will help players somehow with something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Oh I get it. I said something, but it was just a joke. My bad
    Apologies. Nerf jokes and buff sarcasm. Hard to tell on the net.

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    I'd love to see a mix between the Brawlers Guilds, Solo Scenarios and Challenge Modes. Would be a great way to bring back old raid content, and the rewards they offered, with new rewards for the raids that never dropped mounts.

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    It won't be updates for the Vanilla models...

    I love it when I hear new content is coming out and what it is, i.e. I'll get stoked for Thunder Isle.

    But, seriously... Every time they pull one of these "There's something we're not telling you!" things, I just get a bit sadder knowing it won't be the only thing I want that we don't have
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    Hmmm either Cross faction grouping or player housing(look at how successful the farm has been).

    But TBH cross faction groups seem more likely the way this xpac is going. PLUS with it being in the last patch would make alot of sense.

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    GC said some people would go crazy over it and some people would be "that's it?" so it's probably not a major feature but a cool, quality of life one. I'm gonna go with either cross-faction grouping or a mentoring system which levels you down.

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    Procedurally generated content?

    I would have mixed feelings, in theory.
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