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    Best way to fix a Shadow Priest of there is a better way please discuss

    Ya if you take insanity next patch flay becomes powerful. Been playing around with it on prt. A 3 orb DP into 2 mind flays will take 80%+ of someones hp, that's without sw or vt up, no dispelling or anything. Literally cast nothing but DP and flay and it rapez them. But this does have the downside of, if they get out of range, or u get ccd, and cant get off that flay during DP, then you missed ALOT of burst, and wasted a talent essentially. I'm gunna mess with it some more on PTR, I feel like if I got good with it, the new insanity could be very very powerful. It's just a quite different playstyle than that of FDCL.

    Like he said mindflay does excellent damage with insanity when you have 2 or3 orbs and that was without extra dots ticking, which will be fine being as we be ranged interrupted, silenced or even stunned. which why I still believe they should buff our dots further and nerf our PVP power slightly to compensate the over all damage increase. That way we can be happy with PVP damage still and still rock PVE charts and hang with the best. Any fight with more then 3 targets its a dps loss to try to keep dotting everything, over dot a couple and mindsear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    Suggestions I'd make to fix Spriest PvE without buffing Spriest PvP:

    1. Remove the upfront damage of Devouring Plague and double the damage and scaling of the subsequent ticks (no burst, same damage). This improves haste and mastery scaling slightly.

    2. Now that the risk of buffing our burst is removed, buff Shadowform to 30% or even 35%. 35% sounds very high, but it's actually the % needed to move both our damage and our scaling to the average of all specs (shockingly precisely, actually).

    With the existing nerfs to Shadow's PvP healing, Phantasm, GoMindSpike, and the proposed nerf to Devouring Plague (our burst) - the risk of buffing our PvP sustained damage shouldn't be an issue - but our PvE damage should be lifted up to the all-spec average, and our scaling would be fixed.

    Another great idea accept for the Shadowform increases it would put our aoe to high we are all ready doing fine in that area

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    If you guys think multidotting is a DPS loss on multitarget fights, you may want to catch up with the actual theorycrafting, rather than guessing. We're probably 2nd or 3rd most powerful when it comes to 2 target fights, and it only gets better as we gain targets.
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    Apparitions are still triggered from SW:P ticks, right? With tier 15 bonuses, is SW:P becoming the premier dot to cast, above VP? (I guess we still need to cast VP to get mana back, right?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGG View Post
    Apparitions are still triggered from SW:P ticks, right? With tier 15 bonuses, is SW:P becoming the premier dot to cast, above VP? (I guess we still need to cast VP to get mana back, right?)
    yes and no, with the 4 piece VT will have a 10% chance to summon an apparition, that way vt will be equally as effective to put out for multi targeting

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    You should always put both of your dots up, it's a no-brainer. Using up your occasional proc (if you're specced that way) or casting a 3 orb DP takes precedence over recasting your dots, but even with these changes to Insanity and Glyph of Mind Spike, etc, the concept of keeping dots up remains the same: On single or multiple target fights, if you have bad up-time on your dots, it will reflect on the meters, no doubt about it.

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