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    Kickin' it with a Logitech G15 here lol. I like the keyboard well enough, I do actually use the G-keys for things, but I still feel like something's missing. No idea what, it does what I need, I like the way the keys feel, and I really like the display. I use it often to benchmark games, see how well my FPS is (like for Skyrim, so I don't have to use FRAPS or something to do it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JakeMonkey View Post
    I've been using the Saitek Eclipse II for years and I absolutely love it. Cheap, reliable, great feedback, and well lit. The keys don't wear in the slightest, and it's comfortable. Not too loud either.
    i beg to differ

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    Oh come on:
    - The backlighting is nice to see, I game in the dark a LOT, I really do.
    - Semi mechanical: the only thing not mechanical about it as far as I know is the G-keys and the menu above the arrow keys, I barely use those and the G-keys are never used.
    - Who cares if it is marketed like a gaming keyboard, all that matters is that it is mechanical and is a nice keyboard.
    -The switches..well that's true, would be nice if they came in other colors.
    Like I said before I haven't used a K90, so at no point did I say it's a bad overall keyboard. Like that other guy said I was generalizing certain companies that in my opinion have the wrong priorities when making a product. And they could make keyboards that are a lot better if.

    -If they cut down on the flashy things like back lighting( I also play and use a computer in the dark and I have never looked down and thought I wish my keys were lit up, because I can touch type)

    -Stopped using cheaper parts (almost every razer product I have ever owned/used as felt so cheap and like it could break)

    -And gave the choice in switches.

    I'm glad you like your k90 and it works for you. Maybe I will pick one up if I ever need a new keyboard on another computer and try one out. :P

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