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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    I have the two from last year, but how quickly can I get 3 coins?
    If you log on and join a balloon raid you can complete the weekly in less than 5 minutes. And I'm not joking. As pathetic as it is, it does make getting the mount a piece of cake.

    So 15 minutes of your time spread over 3 weeks and you're good. I think you already missed one week though, so you have to do it this week and every week following.

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    Does anyone know what the parades are all about here in phase 2 of the event. I randomly ran across one in Seratos yesterday, nothing really happened but i did pick up these purple crystals they seemed to be dropping called "combined .." something I forget. Another suprise I found later in Scarwood reach is that there are defiant & guardian parades and they are indeed attackable by the opposite faction.

    Anyone know if you get anything or if there is a purpose to killing a parade?

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