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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    Can't find ANY on my realm. Outland EU horde. No bots here o.O
    Nor any in Halls of Lightning O__o

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    Quote Originally Posted by terminaltrip421 View Post
    just read the first page and not any further. would imagine someone's mentioned that heroic shattered halls gives a couple primals per run. If blizzard changes that because of some bots imma be pissed.
    I kinda doubt the bots were doing heroic SH seeing as you can only do it once per day.
    Regular on the other hand can net 100g or so per run, so makes sense why they were at it.
    And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stringerbell View Post
    Who the hell cares, does shitnamesaw have nothing else to do but camp 80's and post useless topics?

    Infracted. Keep it civil
    Let me guess, you are botting?

    Just checked on Doomhammer EU, 0 players.

    Edit: Don't think botters care about doomhammer eu, pretty dead server.
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    Just report them lol..

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    Checked 4 big EU servers, one of them being one of the massive ones - Outland, no bots there, doesn't seem to be that popular on the eu... Still curious why only hunters go to one instance and only paladins go to the other one...

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    Yesterday there were 24 on my server, all of today there were none. Quite odd.

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    These are propably goldseller accounts, whilst running a single bot account isn't going to make huge per-hour gold, running 20 of them at once, at 5 clears an hour & non stop automated running, the goldseller site will end up with very large gold amount after just 1 day. It's also very difficult to catch those bots, it's instanced content, no one really sees them. You can do who list but the who list of 40 accounts there doesn't prove that they are actually botting, it's not enough to warrant a ban.

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    Hmm what do you get there?
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    Mobs are close together, AoE looting is something else. I'm sure they're going for mostly Netherweave cloth, transmog greens, Enchanting materials, patterns, and vendor crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lassira View Post
    nothing will come of reporting them as long as blizzard stands by their "we don't ban people that pay for subscription"
    I think my friend has been suspended at least 15 times now for botting but never banned.

    I can see it now, WoW in 2023, everything is a bot automatically interacting with each other and nobody real plays the game.
    I used a fishing bot once for like an hour and I got perm-banned, so I dunno how your theory works out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games View Post
    I prefer meeting up at junes.
    I recently started my first playthrough.
    I love you.

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