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    Is Valor turning into JP tomorrow? Since it normally does each tier? Right?

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    Nope but Conquest will be turning into Honor and any spill over will be turned into gold/silver

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    It won't turn into Justice this time.

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    Good! Thanks guys! <3

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    Actually it's not that good for PVP players, as they will not be able to convert their Valor to JP, and then their JP to Honor.
    Personally I stacked a score of 4000 considering the addition of Valor + JP in prevention for the patch. And now I'll be able to convert only 2000 JP to HP... That's sad.

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    It's good to mention that gear purchased by VP in 5.1 will still cost VP in 5.2. They'll be cheaper tough, 50% for most, 75% for the best pieces.

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