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    Maintenance Extended :(

    Knew it was going to happen.

    Maintenance has been extended until 1:00pm PST. Thank you for your continued patience.

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    Well i think everyone can agree with me, we saw that coming.
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    If the servers are up and running smoothly by 3 PM PST I'll say Blizz has done a very good job.

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    It's major patch day. Zero whining tolerated.
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    In before the lock falls from the heavens on to this thread.

    Oh...wait... this isn't the official forum, mods are nice here, NVM!

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    The breaking news hasn't updated for me? Is that where you read extended maintenance?

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    It always gets extended on major patch days. Agree with Pandasan, up by 3 = good job.

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    I really wish they'd just set the maintenance to end at like 8pm est on major patch days to avoid all this nonsense.

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    But-hurt much? Appears so!
    Content patches are never ready before 6pm so that is what I plan for.
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    As someone currently living in Kuwait and has to wake up in the morning for PT..

    Damn it Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    I really wish they'd just set the maintenance to end at like 8pm est on major patch days to avoid all this nonsense.
    To avoid what? If they upped the estimated completion time, there'd be just as much if not more players complaining about that. See, when you have 10million players, there's always going to be a significant group of people to complain about almost anything. You can't please everyone.

    I agree. If they're up and stable by 3, I'll be impressed, especially with the amount of content in this patch.
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    I expected an extension because Blizz mostly extends on big patch days. It is nothing really; just have patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    I really wish they'd just set the maintenance to end at like 8pm est on major patch days to avoid all this nonsense.
    Or you could just expect problems and save yourself the hassle?

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    Patches are never ready on time, we know it, it doesn't even bother a lot of us that expect it.

    What I don't understand is why they don't just say the patch will be done at 6pm PST, and if it's done before then- great.

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    I'm not shocked, although I figured with as early as they went down they may have finally left themselves some breathing room. Guess not.

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    I think I speak for everyone when I say "Saw that coming before the servers even went offline"

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    I knew it was going to happen, always does, I predict game won't be up much before 5p eastern standard time.

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    itll get extended one more time before actually going live. its the cycle of patch day - i don't see why the entire playerbase seems to know this by now, but their maintenance guys can't figure it out.

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    Didn't we go an entire day of downtime before? I want to say patch 3.0 or 3.1
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