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    1st post, ie admin edit is not true.
    My Alt realm is at 42% and 89% horde, my main realm is at 47% and 118% horde. Checked at same time. Both Eu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naggash View Post
    1st post, ie admin edit is not true.
    My Alt realm is at 42% and 89% horde, my main realm is at 47% and 118% horde. Checked at same time. Both Eu.
    I haven't seen any US realms that were not the same so far, maybe this was changed recently? I'll take a look tonight.

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    Spinebreaker EU (english language) at 42% complete 82% Alliance participation at 19:25 server time.

    This whole war effort thing seems weird. I don't understand it well, and if the progress is same for whole region+faction, your personal effort doesn't have any noticeable impact on it.

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    US-Illidan 51%. 84% Horde Participation

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    US-Ghostlands 51% couple of hours ago

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    US-Korialstrasz is at 52% as of 11:22am server time (PST), with 84% Horde Participation
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    ysera 49% horde 76%

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    Last time i checked before i log out, Twisting Nether-EU was at 47% completion with Horde participation at 117%.

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    Now its 48%/116%.

    Sporeggar EU 45%/89%.

    So it seems like it is battlegroup effort is what counting, not realm.

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    Can't currently play at the moment but is there anyone from Cenarion Circle-US at all? I'd like to see how Horde is doing.

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    53% over on Vek US (alliance)
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    US- Mal'ganis 54% 3:42 Server (CST) 1:42 PM PST 87% Horde Participation

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    It's kind of hard to believe that all the US servers have the same amount of participation based on server population with all of them so close together. I feel like Blizzard is upping it themselves behind the scenes.

    Dalaran US is also 54% at the moment.

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    Seems every US server is at 54% right now.

    What's the point of this if it's just a glorified timer for everyone playing? It's going to finish on Tuesday aka 1 week from launch, and then what? Exactly another week or two weeks for stage 2? I don't sense any sort of server progression here at all. It's a timer masked behind lies.

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    US- Cenarius 55% with 92% alliance as of 2:12pm

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    54% 68% participation Horde

    6:30pm East coast

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    60% for our server with 70% alliance contribution.

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    On Suckthon (Lethon) they are at 56% and failing.

    viva la dead server.
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    Malfurion-US is at 58% with 67% participation (Horde).
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    US-Ghostlands at 60% with 88% Alliance

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