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    I've received an email from [email address snipped] and it said that I have 46 hour ban even though I was only on for not even 15 minutes this morning and I have an authenticator so I don't see how someone hacked me.
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    Yes, it is fake.
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    Even if it were real... do you really think Blizzard would e-mail you about it from their "Entertainment" department?

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    Everything you might think you received from Blizzard is fake > just try and login and you know for sure :P

    My mail gets spammed all day long with that kind of stuff, about any Blizzard game i play
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    Quoting from the MMO-C FAQ for forums:

    Don't post "Blizzard" scam emails. 99% of them are scams, we know this already. If you have an honest question, see the official WoW forums.
    Closing this. Check your status in-game or take it up with Blizzard.
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