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    symbiosis bug?

    Anyone else have the symbiosis ability remaining even after no longer being in the same party as the recipient? I'm currently playing dead in two moons after taking feign death from a hunter in my previous random heroic.

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    Sounds like a nice bug.

    I'll have to try it later, would be nice to keep the buff for soloing activities.

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    I haven't noticed that.. I never get the good bugs :<

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    yeah it had that happen a few times on ptr

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    yep, walking around with symb from a pally i had before the patch. didn't actually test if it works yet.

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    Yeah, I've been experiencing this. Bug or undocumented change?

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    yeah this bug is there

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    This was a bug way before 5.2, on live. It might have been introduced in 5.1 actually. Anyway the Symbiosis buff used to be removed on zoning/teleporting - this meant you didn't notice it from random heroics or raids because zoning out afterwards removed it. I noticed it first when grouped up with some cross-realm RealID folks, my Symbiosis stayed even after they left the party, at least until I used a portal. It seems now even zoning doesn't remove it. Heh.
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    Yea I noticed that too and I pretty enjoy this "bug" tbh.

    The only thing I do want them to change is that it won't cancel if you/target switch talent/glyph. I didn't actually see the point why let it cancel. You didn't get anything different by switching talent/glyph anyways. And in raid I pretty much switch talent/glyph every fight to adapt the mechanics, which means I need to refresh symbiosis every fight. Our druid just got pissed last time and yelled at me "I'm not symbiosis you any more. I don't give a damn about your problem" blah blah blah. Like I shouldn't be switching. Isn't it what blz intended by redesigning talent system?

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    its been a nice bug
    as a person who is mega forgetful, i am often told by raid pull macros that im without symbiosis
    this raid, every wipe, ive continued to have that same symbiosis

    I like it lets hope they dont fix it! :P

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    Yeah I still had symbiosis from the shaman I put it on last night when he left raid group. I imagine this will get fixed pretty quick, hopefully it won't go back to resetting if you die and release.
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    Also noticed you can now cast symbiosis in combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liax View Post
    Also noticed you can now cast symbiosis in combat.
    I noticed this also
    And yeh, for me at least it works every time, i Symbi with a target, and can leave group immediately afterwards, i used it on a Warrior last night, logged off, logged on this morning and still have it^_^ I love it, i would love this to be an actual change to make it actually useful for people like me who do a lot more solo play than group play :S
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    ive been seeing this bug(?) too. went too symbi a priest last night during raid and realized i still had unending resolve from a lock from bgs the night before

    hope this bug sticks around for a while :P
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    Well it seems intended.
    What i'm curious, since we have only one "good" target for our symbiosis in our 10 man group (3 druids), would it be possible for all of us to use it on the same person?
    Something like cast-get out of group- second person casts it- rejoin group?
    I'll try it tonight, hopefully it works.

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    It s got to be intended,
    otherwise druids would have to keep going as the only class unable to use their lvl 87 spell in solo content,
    which was ridiculous its introduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    It s got to be intended,
    otherwise druids would have to keep going as the only class unable to use their lvl 87 spell in solo content,
    which was ridiculous its introduction.
    I think priests can't use theirs either.

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    I think it's nice. I like having spirit wolves because they're cool so in my BG sprees I just have to find one shaman and I'm good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baller1308 View Post
    I think priests can't use theirs either.
    oh ye, my bad, I forgot even though I got a 90 lvl alt disc :P

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