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    Looking at your Tortos logs, you're missing a lot of shooting stars procs, probably with how hectic the fight is and how many targets you can get dots rolling on if you're throwing them on bats too they tend to go a bit crazy and it's contributing to a slightly low NG uptime on that fight in particular. Consider using a focus starsurge button and focusing high priority turtle or tortos and just shoot them off asap while dotting all the things. For Council, you're getting screwed over by a bad strat a bit with getting Sul empowers and aoe'ing crappy adds but you're also not keeping great uptime on dots on all the troll people and it's hurting you with all the movement on the encounter. Comparing it to my own logs, you're taking a little over a minute longer but casting about 35-40 less dots than I did and in turn are hard casting a lot more and getting way fewer shooting stars procs, again, eating into your NG uptime. The rest of the advice in the thread is pretty sound, watch your synapse springs useage, watch when you're refreshing dots so you're putting good ones up (ex: don't overwrite buffed with unbuffed, if you've got a ton of targets, you can probably drop uneclipsed dots all together. I don't have an exact number for when that is, but usually I feel comfortable with SS procs and movement when I've got 6 dots rolling in total.) You also missed a full 2 sets of CD's on council, you only got 2 uses on a 9:30 parse. Missing 1 would be understandable since that's a reasonably tight window to get all 4, you'd need to be almost perfectly lining up energy gains to get them off, but should definitely be able to get 3 in with that. And remember, with a pile of targets, refresh your huge CA dots on as many as you can leaving.

    Last piece of advice is you're not doing terribly but there's several small things you can do to improve, make sure your UI is supporting you on this too. Track when your big cd's are coming, having annoying things happen on your screen so you can't miss that your cd's are available and anything else you need to help you do optimal dps with as little thinking about is as you need to so you have attention span left over for dealing with mechanics. This is especially helpful as you learn new encounters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sexfacejonny View Post
    One thing I can see (wont make a huge difference) if you replace your boots enchant with +Haste instead of the pandarens step one. You already have the talent that increases movement speed so you are overkilling it a bit with that enchant.
    Pandaren's Step and Feline Swiftness stack. The faster you move, the more time you can spend casting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Correlia View Post
    I see where I screwed up typing out my opener lol, here it is again: Pre-pot > Starfall > 1x wrath > Inc + NV (If I'm using NV atm I'm using HotW)> Apply MF + SF > Starfall > Starsurge then it continues from my earlier explanation. Also I generally only reapply SF when CA is finished when I get into solar and milk MF for all it's worth after CA in solar before reapplying it.
    I would cast Sunfire > Incarnation > Moonfire at the start so that the MF benefits from Incarnation. Sunfire won't benefit from it anyway. That's just a tiny detail which is insignificant in the bigger picture, though.

    I don't understand why you are using the Innervate glyph when the gains from it are minimal and we never go OOM unless it's a fight like Mel'jarak. Glyph of Rebirth and Glyph of Stampeding Roar both provide very good raid utility (again that's not related to your DPS though) and would be a better choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Correlia View Post
    I've always been told using CA before getting out of an eclipse is a waste of DPS rather then the whole timing thing, I will give it a go though and see if my DPS goes up and sustains higher.
    You pop CA when you leave Lunar Eclipse OR when there 15 seconds left on Incarnation, whichever of those comes first.

    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    When leaving eclipse don't bother clipping an eclipsed dot with a new eclipsed dot unless you either got very unlucky extensions and there's only 3-4 seconds left on it, or, all your int procs just came up and you can get a very strong dot out of it.
    So you would put the cut off point for refreshing the Eclipsed DoT before leaving Eclipse at 3-4 seconds? I generally tend to do it if there's less that 6-8 seconds on it. It's probably overkill on my part but then I have not yet seen an answer to this problem backed with numbers so I dunno.

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