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    Guild Wars 2 Support

    Hey all, I seem to be having a problem with the support team from GW2. Problem meaning that I have never been able to get in contact with them; either through email or phone.

    First off, I have not played the game since November and I wanted to pick it up again to see what's changed and so on. I tried logging on and apparently my password had been "blacklisted" (no idea what that means) and that I needed to create a new one. That's all well and good, however, I needed my serial code to implement a new password and I cannot find it anywhere (I bought a digital copy; can't find the email).

    Now, on February 12th I got online to their support page and submitted an email direct to their support team (as outlined how you should do it online) and I have YET to recieve even a response from them. Two weeks passed I was still unable to find a phone number to call; also still waiting for a reply at this time. So I then went to NCSoft customer support and called them and they then said they couldn't help me and that I should do exactly what I had did back in February.

    Ok, so only a couple of days ago, STILL not having recieved a reply from support, I sent in a brand new ticket and yet again have not recieved any type of response. The only emails I have gotten from them are ones telling me that they recieved the email and my "code" if I had any questions. Well...I am extremely tired of waiting and would really like to get back into the game as my brother has started playing. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a step? Does anyone know a phone number I can call to help me out?

    Note: I CANNOT log on; either to the game itself or my account on their website. Otherwise I would posting this shit on their forums instead of here.

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    Most people have reported a week plus to get in contact with them via email. I always insist on calling, as it is easy to sit on hold for for a few minutes. I tried looking for a number to Anet, couldn't find one though. Hmm, I guess you will have to keep sending them a support email.

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    My sister and I both had our characters locked out for about a week. Anet never replied to a single support ticket. One day, there was a patch and we could play those characters once more. I believe my sister's ticket is still "open" after some months now- though its entirely pointless.

    About month or two ago, my account was hacked and password changed on me. Took almost 2 weeks to reply to my email.

    My husband has had his GW1 accounts hacked many times over the years. Response is usually a week+.

    NcSoft/Anet support is garbage in my experience. Just have to wait really.

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    i know it sucks to talk to morons on the phone, but it really is the fastest way to get a problem fixed, in most cases.

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    I normally just call or use the "live chat" option, emails always take way to long...
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    Looks like they have a 3 day turnaround, this from Twitter this morning:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    Looks like they have a 3 day turnaround, this from Twitter this morning:

    So if in 3 days you have no reply you have to post on a likely blocked account or get a friend to do it and then hope you get a reply. I had to wait a week only to be told they couldn't find my account in the end I gave up after waiting another week. 3 day turnaround lol.

    To op good luck, a net are not renowned for support.
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    It's not always bad...When I got hacked I was getting responses back within 20 minutes. We had to go back and forth a few times and I ended up getting my account back that same night.

    Although...some of the responses I got were fairly stupid and just sorta like, did you even read what I freakin sent you?!

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    Strange. Had several issues with my brothers account yesterday (he too had not played since last year and found his account had been compromised). There were then authentication issues after that. I had to send three or four tickets in total and each one was responded to within half an hour with helpful information and the entire thing was sorted out within a couple of hours. Not bad at all for a Friday evening. My experience has been top notch.

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