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    audio issues.

    so i just plugged my headphones into the front of the computer and it's constantly reloading the audio devices under the audio manager in the control panel. computer is an intel core i3-2120 3.3 ghz 8gb ram 1tb hard drive space. x86os 64 bit windows 7. it also says i have no audio devices installed and my games either only run in windowed mode with the sound off or not at all when i dont have it plugged in. the taskbar is constantly reshowing a you have plugged/unplugged a device into the audio jack even though it's just sitting there plugged into the computer. i looked under sound and its showing the mic constantly being shown/unshown under the tab. also when i close some of the games the fatal error message is produced. everything was working just fine when i had them plugged in the back.

    what would be causing this?
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