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    Windows 8 - Hung at Getting Devices Ready - First time its happened after 12+ install

    I'm reinstalling Win8 as I do every year and this time however I'm getting extremely frustrated to the point I want to just throw every damn piece of technology out the window. I've never had this much hassle installing any OS.

    Last install of Win8 I had my Razer BlackWidow keyboard plugged in (both usb inputs in usb3 ports), my Logitech G600 mouse in a usb2 port, the printer cable in another usb2 port and the sound inputs from the blackwidow plugged in. I had my SSDs in RAID0, with 3 other SATA hard drives plugged in. Install went perfectly fine except that I would have to unplug all my usb devices to get it to boot then plug them back in when it did boot. Never found a fix for it so I just kept doing that all the time.

    Now however same exact thing to install, I get stuck at "Getting Devices Ready". No percent sign for progress or nothing. I've been Googling the past couple days to see what the hell is going on but all I find are posts about it from back in CP/RP release days and none of them have had problems I'm having. It's either stuck before devices ready or at 20%, etc.

    What is going on I'm about ready to murder my rig I spent all this money and time on building.


    Windows 8 either hangs at getting devices ready or hangs at the circle progress bar (infinite looping) forever.
    Goes through the Expanding files, etc part just fine, in less then 10mins on a RAID0 SSD.

    Right now it's rebooted and now at the WIndows 8 logo screen with the progress circle just spinning over and over again.

    I've got No-Execute Memory protection turned on, I've got it set to RAID mode in UEFI. Got Windows Boot Manager as the first boot option, followed by Intel: Win8Raid followed by UEFI DVD RAM, etc.

    EDIT: I just tried unhooking ALL my usb devices and using an old PS2 keyboard and went through the install again, gets through copying, expanding, etc just fine then the same old circle loading forever when it reboots.

    EDIT: It's now hanging at Installing Updates -_-.

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    Dodgy hardware? There might be some log file somewhere you can inspect, or maybe it's possible to run the setup with a more verbose output.

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    After 15 hours of trying to figure it out, turns out the disc was dodgy. Burned a new disc and all was fine.

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