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    Quote Originally Posted by Norjak View Post
    Probably the Gladiator titles, mount collecting, 5000 pet battles, or 250,000 HK's are things I will never get. I will probably never do 10,000 daily quests, either since I just finished my 5,000 and the first thing I said was "F&ck that 10k dailies achievement".

    I agree! This would be a good addition to the game, sadly it's too hardcore for Blizzard and a lot of casual baddies would whine & unsub so they would never do something like this.
    Casual Baddie= people who don't like shitty unbalanced FotM pvp?
    Quote Originally Posted by advanta View Post
    Yeah, if you kill someone so an oil baron can steal someone's oil, it is completely different from killing someone so a drug lord can take over some turf.
    Obviously, the morality of a killing is determined by whether or not your government gives you a cookie and pats you on the head.

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    Anything that requires a serious commitment to PvP. As you'll note from my armory, PvP is far and away the worst category of achievements for me. Well, except for Pet Battles, but I still plan on getting into those at some point. PvP? Never.

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    Most of the arena titles, don't care much for arena. To close to duels for me + the pillar humping.

    And maybe not "Didn't Stand a Chance, Kill 20 mounted players using a tower cannon".
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    Most of the PVP achievements, and the Insane. I want the Insane title soooo bad but ... wow, I don't have the resolve to do that. ;x
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    Immortal. The only attempt we got close to it (KT @ less than 10%) someone died to a void zone and pretty much quit raiding on the spot.

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    Pretty much any PvP achieve I don't already have.

    Oh and the few achieves I'm missing from Dragon Soul too.

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    saltybreadisfunny. makes me immeasurably sad. i will never have the joy of having a mage named salty breadnbutter. or a warlock named saltybreadisfunny. or a priest named saltyholybread. or a dk named saltyrottenbread.
    say no to draenei. draenei are evil.

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    The Noblegarden meta...sitting in Azure Watch for 10 hours clicking eggs? No thanks.
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    Most likely the PvP ones. I never seem to bother them. Maybe one day.

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    loremaster, i was somewhat close before it got reset. questing makes me want to cut myself with a rusty spork.

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    Glad, 100k Hk's, pet battles, What A long Strange trip its Been.
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    Muh main

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    any high BG/arena achive, any realm first achive..

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    Salty- because I'm on a very high pop server and ONLY need to win a fishing tournament
    the Insane- because I almost quit wow doing loremaster

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    Any arena based achievements.
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    Probably most of the more difficult PvP achievements, and Insane in the Membrane. But only because I do not have anywhere near enough patience to get to honored with Bloodsail, then bring the goblin reps back up to exalted.

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    anything pet battles, hate them so much never like pokemon and the waiting inbetween moves always hated that although im slightly impatient

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    A lot of PVP, pet battle, and arch ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monoxyde View Post
    loremaster, i was somewhat close before it got reset. questing makes me want to cut myself with a rusty spork.
    me too & 250k HK's, isn't gonna happen

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    the insane, cba to do all the work to get the rep
    also the higher arena/rated bg achievements, im horrible at pvp

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