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    Post a picture of your dream house!

    Hey all,

    I'd love to see pictures of your dream homes! I know exactly which one is mine:

    I think it's somewhere in Anguilla. Such incredible modern design, though it may be the scenery, too, that adds to my wish to live there.

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    I like the look of modern/minimalist looking houses that one might be a little bit to big but that would be a good idea of a dream home.

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    Not exactly a picture, but still. This is the apartment Shepard gets in ME3. I would love to live in a place like that. Maybe do a little better with the furnishing but otherwise . . .

    It's got a bar, lounge, piano, hot tub . . .

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    Something like this

    Or the castle they had in the show called Sanctuary. I've wanted to live in a creepy old gothic castle since I was a little girl..

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    As long as I had internet I would live here.

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    Or something similar.
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