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    Merchandise you wish Blizzard would sell

    I hate the boring stuff like sell or package in collector's editions like art books and t shirts. There so many interesting things they could offer.

    In no particular order:

    1. Candles. They could come up with some wickedly evil Diablo-themed candles. Scented, unscented, maybe an evil-looking skull or sconce or candleholder to place them in. I'd love to light one when I play Diablo.

    Something maybe like this except the skull has a soulstone in it

    Or maybe an LED-flameless candle that can project images and scenes. Use it to project images from Diablo.

    2. Leather-bound journals with thin cloth bookmarks of various colors. High quality. Diablo-themed. It doesn't overtly have to say "Diablo" on it, but make it look evil with skulls and maybe evil-looking charms attached to the ends of the bookmarks, or crucifixes on the end of the bookmarks. Something like this:

    3. Necklaces. I have a soft spot for a good necklace. My favorite is my Doctor Who necklace of the TARDIS key.

    I like it because no one knows what the hell it is unless they are an old school fan.

    I'd like to see blizzard release something for Diablo. Maybe an evil skeleton key.

    4. An Ice-Cube Maker - Where it makes Blizzard-themed ice cubes. For an example, here is a Star Ward themed ice cube maker that does Millenium Falcons

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    I don't usually do merchandise actually i've never bought something that was just for the sake of having it, but i did try and find a speedy plushy once, because hes awesome, alas he either doesn't exist or was only given away in limited numbers

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    I think the CE of Diablo 3 strat guide came with a book marker.

    My six year old wants a World of Warcraft comforter/blanket.

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    a plushie Diablo doll.

    If a video game developer removed tumors from players, they'd whine about nerfing their loss in weight and access to radiation powers. -Cracked.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    Warcraft Legos
    it made me so sad when they made welfare megablocks wow stuff

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    I want them to set a small team off to the side or find a capable company like TellTale games to go finish and release Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

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    Warcraft sex toys incoming in 3... 2...
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    The one that disappointed me, was the int he CE of D3, the USB skull, was just a holder, it TOTALLY should've been an actual USB hub, where the soul stone USB stick lit up and pulsed while in the hub...

    Don't know if I would go out of my way to buy it, but thats definitely what it SHOULD have been!

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    A Pally-bubble hamster ball. No, a pally-bubble zorbing ball.

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    A real-life Knights of the Ebon Blade tabard.
    Call to arms, the trumpets sound
    Hand puppets storm the base, flags up now cannons rage
    All clowns head for the rear, slingshots fire to the air
    Toy horses start the charge, Robot chessmen standing guard
    Crossfire to the marionettes, Slip into the edge of death...

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    Alexstrasza sex doll......jk, or am I?

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