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    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    The Draenei. Honestly no contest. It's a model designed purely and only to get the drooly-lipped 'forever alone's' affection. The amount of sexual dimorphism is nothing short of biologically bizarre; this isn't dimorphic, these are two different species we're talking about. Their /waggle gait is absolutely eye-twitchingly annoying as well.
    It's not any worse than the trolls, which incidentally is my vote. Having played a female troll char, their waggle looks even more ridiculous, especailly with those stupid-looking, huge unshod feet.
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    Tauren, Worgen.

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    1. Worgen female
    2. Dwarf female - so outdated, so stiff
    3. Troll female. Those feeeet D:

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    Dwarf female 4 lyfe.

    I play them solely because they're hideous.
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    1. Draenei
    2. Gnome
    3. Dwarf

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    Gnome, then Dwarf. bleh. Perhaps with new models they'll look a bit better.

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    Tauren, Worgen, Dwarf.

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    Worgen, hands down. Most of the rest of the models just suffer from being stiff and old.

    I'm playing a tauren right now and I actually like the way she looks concept-wise, but that model seriously needs an update.

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    Gnomes. gnomes are the only race in the game I don't see how anyone plays, I can't stand them, from the way they look to all of their animations, to the way gear looks on them, it's...just...terrible..

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    Troll or Worgan females.
    I just cant even
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    troll, pls stop pls

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    Some people evaluate the races based on how attractive they are by human standards... I prefer to look at the concept of the race and compare the sexes.
    I actually think the female dwarf is one of the best models. It resembles the male one just realistically enough. Same goes for orc, undead... And I love how female pandaren look.
    Draeneis... The model is decent, but you can't just dismiss the dimorphism. It's pretty extreme and unnecessary. Blood elves are pretty okay. Humans could use some proportion changes.

    Worgen takes the trophy, of course.

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    Dwarf female
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Orc Female. It just looks wrong.
    Disagree with you there, especially when it comes to their animations. Unfortunately they move much more effeminately than actual human females; it's like the difference between a supermodel and a mannequin. Or a real human being and the guys from Weekend at Bernie's puppeteering a dead body around.

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    Worgen. By an extreme length the female Worgen is easily the worst model.
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    Worgen and Night Elf

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    Worgen. The model was so bad I had to drop the character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppetShowJustice View Post
    Worgen. The model was so bad I had to drop the character.
    That horrid permanent snarl, the miss Piggy eyes 'shivers'

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