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    Question What podcast should I being lestening to?

    What are the best podcasts about GW2? I listen to tales of tyria, and i like it very much... But I would like to find more one or two different ones as good as this one.


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    I know some great french podcast if you want.

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    The State of the Game podcast is pretty good for sPvP. Q&A with the devs.

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    I started to listen to the last episode of GuildCast, I'm not sure if i'm going to like it... Any more suggestions?

    And thanks, but I can't understand French, sorry... (blush)


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    Not sure there are many. Or at least, many good ones.

    Not technically a podcast, but Wooden Potatoes has some Guild Wars 2 content from time to time.

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    I like wooden potatoes quite a bit, but his gw2 content is not as regular as say guildcast is.

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