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    Whirlwind for 2 rage?

    So I was just doing dailies for Order of the Cloud Serpent (I'm Arms) and I was AOE-ing down those sprites and I was spamming Whirlwind, then I noticed my rage wasn't going down much and saw on the tooltip that Whirlwind was temporarily only 2 rage. Is that a new change or did I happen to get a weird proc of something?

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    its a debuff the sprites apply that reduces the cost of most abilities

    so at least players can see the large high elven population that stormwind is supposed to have, that is only beaten by Dalaran for high elves and Darnassus for night elves.
    Ie, it has 4 High Elves to Dalaran's 5. Thereby comprising 90% of the HE population.

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