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    Heroic ToT kill order of least resistance?

    Would love to hear people's thoughts on this. First boss obviously will be easy and quite possibly Council of Elders/Tortos. Besides that I am a little stumped.

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    Council of elders sounds quite hard on heroic in my opinion. I'd guess Horridon is easier.

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    I think linearly will end up being pretty close to the optimal progression route, judging from normal and a quick look at the journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    As long as Primordius isn't insanely tuned, he should be pretty easy. I imagine Dark Animus won't be much harder either.

    Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, and Lei Shen are the only ones I expect to be really hard if normal mode is any indication.
    What is hard about Twin Consort? We almost 1 shot it, it's by far the easiest boss in this instance.

    As for the topic, I assume every 3rd boss will be the hardest, because they are "end wing" bosses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    What is hard about Twin Consort? We almost 1 shot it, it's by far the easiest boss in this instance.
    Adding more damage to their abilities and a tighter enrage just seems really, really bad. We got it in 2 attempts in our first group and 1 shot it in our second group. I'm mostly just concerned about Tidal Force since it hits for a lot on normal and you can't have Xuen up for every one.

    Same with Iron Qon. Fire phase and final phase just feel like they're going to hurt a lot.

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    For me the easy ones seems to be the first one and Dark animus but the second one does not seem to complicated neither. Twin consorts is a joke on normal, the only "difficult" on normal, imho, were Magaera, Iron Qon and Lei Shen.

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    Well, for normal if I base myself on the amount of wipes my group had (not that it's any indication since some people probably performed well on some we struggled), the order is:

    Jin'rok -> Horridon -> Twin Consorts -> Primordius -> Tortos -> Ji'kun -> Council of Elders -> Durutu -> Megaera -> Dark Animus -> Iron Qon -> Lei Shen

    I didn't test heroics on PTR, but for tier 14 it was pretty much linear in terms of progression, with very few exceptions like Zor'lok and Lei Shi. There is always one like Spirit Kings which turns out to be very easy in normal and much harder in heroic.

    But like I said, I suspect boss 3, 6, 9 and 12 will be the hardest one as they are "end wing bosses" in terms of how they split the raid.
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    do you guys realise the dark animus fight starts with the boss active and 52 energy? other heroics will be far, far easier.

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    Considering that Consorts (N) is a complete pushover, I expect HC to be an actual challenge.
    Likewise, Dark Animus is a complete joke on N, but only because you can just brue force the fight and negate ~90% of the mechanics.

    Horridon and Council look to be chaotic and a step up in the clusterfuck department, but probably not markedly different in terms of execution. Tortos will likely be a good candidate for early progression as well.

    Magaera I am not looking forward to on HC, much for the same reason that I expect consorts (and Iron Qon) to be increasingly difficult if the raid damage scales up intensely. Should also be a rough tank fight, until you can push the heads in <4 breaths on heroic.

    We'll probably focus on 1-4 HC first week and see what happens from there.
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    I'm thinking 1-4 will be the way to go as well.

    Ji-kun might be a pain, Primordius might be easier than that, Maegera might be harder than both of them, but I think those might be the only three switched in terms of order of difficulty. The rest seems pretty linear. Durumu might be "easy" for a group with good coordination/communication.

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    Durumu is going to be hard for our group on heroic is normal was any indication.

    We killed consorts in like 4-5 attempts but I have a feeling the raid damage is going to be insane on heroic.

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    I think the first 4 will be the way to go for the first day or two but I am just wondering what will be best after that. With the March 11th hotfixes Council and Horridon should be pretty easy so the first 3 should go down night 1 of heroics.

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    I think Jin'rokh and Horridon will be relatively easy for a heroic boss - expecting them to be dead within the first 2 nights. Council is looking like a small roadblock, but i'm imagining there will be a way to simplify the fight, just like normal with burning Sul.

    After that it will probably start to ramp up in difficulty - Magaera being a dps and healer check.

    Dark Animus, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts and Lei Shen will be very difficult.

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    From the streams it seemed Jin'rokh will be another Morchok. Durumu was quite difficult on heroic, much harder than Primordius and Dark Animus. The last 3 will also be hard I hope.

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