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  • Yes, stopped playing since on a dead realm

    181 16.90%
  • Yes

    727 67.88%
  • No

    163 15.22%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    GW2 has NOT merged servers. They are currently the fastest growing MMO in the west and are expanding into China this year.
    But server pop seems to be a problem for GW2 for WvWvW. Some servers will never even get close to tier 1.

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    I'm not certain why this needed to be revived again after several months of inactivity. And discussion about GW2 is off-topic anyway.

    Since connected realms are now nearly upon us the premise of the OP is largely irrelevant.

    In any case, closing. Feel free to discuss connected realms in any of the threads already open about it or start a new one if there's something new to say about it.

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