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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Lance and I play a MW named Mistfist. I am currently 2823 CR with a 2850 mmr and I decided to stream and answer any questions fellow MW's have (or anyone)! My twitch is and I'll be streaming more and more as my college workload decreases.

    Please throw the channel a follow and tune in when I go live, I look forward to securing r1 this season with all of you! I will also be checking this thread if anyone has any questions that can't wait!

    Past experience: First season playing competitively! Played on and off since Vanilla but I used to PvE and only arena for fun but this season I wanted to go for the title and I really enjoy monks without healing sphere spam so it was the perfect time to start. I quit most of MoP and Cata although I heard cata had great arena seasons so I wish I could've played back then. I also play an Ele and hpal but I'm not very good on them:P

    Mistfist- Proudmoore
    Mistyfisty - Kel'thuzad (alt MW)

    Mod edit: Put in your twitch aswell since you copy pasted the erased version.
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    I'm a new streamer, pretty much just streaming for fun I play feral druid at around 1800 right now.

    IGN: Veredre on US Tichondrius.

    Come say hi

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    I recently started streaming as well. My stream is and I mainly stream for fun on my Disc Priest (almost 1900 in both 2v2 and 3v3)

    Stop by if you have any advice or simply wish to have a good time!!

    Im also leveling a rogue via arenas and stream almost all the time I'm playing

    Hope you guys stop by!!

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    Hello all! I'm from Portugal (PT/BR stream) and I'm currently streaming on Twitch, mostly with my Assassination Rogue and WW/MW Monk
    Here's my nickname: WytorGG (please search for it if you're interested)

    Hope you all enjoy it and feel free to communicate with me at anytime!


    2v2 -> 1550

    3v3 -> 1500

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