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    Blizzard action button

    I was wondering does anyone know how to move the Blizzard action button that has a special ability on it?
    When doing Subtle Encouragement in the new dailies you have to impale a killed Surok by pressing an action button that appears onscreen.
    That button is tucked behind my ForteFX bar so its difficult to see and use.
    I use Bartender for panels and its not covered by them, I also have Move Everything and it doesnt work either.
    All i want to do is move this button, any ideas?

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    I'm using move anything and it works perfectly fine.
    I wil log on to WoW and check where's this option up and edit it in a minute

    it's under Blizzard action bars -> extra action button.
    pretty basic and easy to move wherever you want
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    BetterExtraActionButton or simply go into Blizzard's keybinds and set it to something (I got mine at 'H')

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    Bartender should be able to move it, make sure the button isn't active (an ability being on it) and it is enabled under Bars -> Extra action bar

    A short work around until you do fix it: /click ExtraActionButton1

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    Ta guys, thanks for the help all good now.

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