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    How long did it take you to level an alt to 90?

    it took me a month to level my alt.
    i usually play only 1 - 2 hours a day and sometimes on weekends i play more.
    but it took me a month. back in vanilla days i was in high school i played 6 hours a day after school and it took me 3 months to level to 60..

    i have this friend who leveled his rogue in 5 days. with all heirlooms i might add..
    i find that pretty crazy.

    how fast did you guys level your alts?

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    took me about 3 weeks i think, 2days 10hours played and i dinged yesterday
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    Well, I was in Germany (for launch) at the time for about 2 weeks and I leveled my main and alt (somewhat) parallel to each other and got my main to 90 in within the first week and my alt a week and a half.

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    Know what, brain fart, this was a druid on another server (lol). Did it with no heirlooms, no guild perks. I leveled a feral druid to 1-85 in 101 hours with little screwing around and a pretty good grasp of the content. Add at least 15 more hours for 85-90 and you're looking at around 115 hours if you know what you're doing. I'm admittedly not a leveling expert, but that's a decent leveling time, imo. If you can play 2 hours a day...well, that's a lot of days. lol
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    Moved from EU to US and started playing after a long break (never played cata/mop).
    Hunter with no heirlooms, 0 gold, with lv25 guild perks, it took me ~1 day (total 5d19h) played per content (vanilla, tbc etc.) with pandaria taking the longest, and being agonizingly boring.
    This also includes mining/jc at max level.

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    I level 6, 90s in the first 2 weeks of the expansion by botting archeology in Kalimdor.

    So didn't take long at all.

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    I had my monk alt at 90 three weeks after launch I think and a 2nd alt a month later (fresh toon lol).....yeah launch was a huge nerd fest for me

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    My most recent alt was my Pally. Total played time from 1-90 was 113 hours (just under 5 days play time) spread out over 3 weeks and that included the profs.

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    2 Weeks, 1 week from 1 to 85, 1 week 85 - 90, playing 7 hours a day minimum.

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    I haven't done any fresh characters to 90 yet, just a bunch of level 85s and one 70something. Early levels don't take particularly long, though.

    I have a friend who leveled two 90 monks. One cheated with RAF, but even the other one that he leveled regular-like was 90 in a couple weeks. I think he only had the chest/shoulder heirlooms, too. Maybe hat/cloak but definitely not pants, then.
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    Monks are cheats... so with heirloom + daily quest + three of Krol's elixirs + a friend who had lots of time on her hands, it took me 7 days to get to 90.

    I never want to do this again.

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