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    I took a 2 month break recently, for the first time ever for the past 6 years where I've played WoW. I have never "quit".
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    Twice, both during Cata the first time I quit after the first 2 months of cata when I needed a job I eventually started playing again just before that fire raid. The second time was when SWTOR came out I played that for 2 months then quit but never returned to WoW so far.

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    Twice. I quit a month after DS came out, and again just a few weeks ago. I really just don't care for the game anymore, so I don't plan to return again.

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    About 5 times or so. I just play casually, although that is at least once a day *sigh* to raise certain Reps and get better items.

    Always think of quitting. Lack of RL friends who play, fear of addiction, etc. Once I actively tried to get perma-banned, but to no avail.

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    I've cancelled my sub four or five times, pretty much whenever the content begins to feel stagnant. At the moment I do not have an active subscription and probably will not play again until the next expansion. I'm not a raider and none of the current or upcoming 5.X features really look interesting enough for me to renew.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    Whenever my dreams are crushed by GC. So around 2-3 times per expansion.

    I've quit for good now though. This time it wasn't because GC did me wrong but because I felt that I had completed the game. There's just nothing left that I want to do or achieve in the game, so this quit feels genuine
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    Ive taken breaks for weeks even months at a time, never planned just have other things to do. So Ive never quit playing the game, never unsubbed since i started sometime early vanilla.

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    I've never quit World of Warcraft as such. I've taken a couple of months off here and there to go play Rift and other games as a deliberate thing to keep the game fresher. Usually it's around the end of expansions or when a patch doesn't have anything in it that I'm interested in. I don't think that really counts as 'quitting' though.
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    Once, for Aion. (mid-WotLK, around the time of ToC.)

    Hahaha... came back a month later, still playing.
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    Quit only once... I've taken month breaks, but I never said I'm done with WoW... got fed up and just took a break... but after cataclysm, I full on quit. I was barely playing during cataclysm too... I would log on and run around bored out of my mind... PvP was downhill and the quality wasn't going to be what it used to be... Because of school, I couldn't participate in end game raiding or atleast hardcore raiding, So i figured it wasn't worth trying to play... so I quit. Haven't gone back, nor do I believe I want to... every now and then I get the urge to just play for a day and raid... but that's the only aspect that's worth playing in WoW... the combat in WoW is so smooth and light years ahead of any other MMO... if everything else wasn't in the gutter, I'd so come back... Titan needs to hurry.

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    Once, so far. I stopped playing about a week ago and haven't really logged in and done anything since, save for an attempt on one LFR boss as disc. That's it.

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    About 4 times total. 1 for each expansion. Level a couple of toons to max level just to see the new zones and the adventure. Then quit. The end game gear grind is tedious, boring and awful to me.
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    July last year and i havent come back, so its permament.. ive found another game which gives me what im looking for.

    The only time i would come back is if/when Wow goes free to play.

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    none. been playing since 2006 and havent "quit" once. the closest thing ive ever done to quitting is taking breaks between content. i took a pretty long break (maybe 3 months) during the sunwell patch since i wasnt in a raiding guild at that time.

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    Once. That was for Aion. My sub has been active all expect that month.
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    I quit a few months into Cata and have tried to play in little bursts a few times. It never lasts more than a couple days.
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    None. I started in vanilla beta, but I've never really "quit". Just had a break every now and then, thinking I might come back for more at some point.

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    Thinking I might quit for real. What would be a good way to get perma-banned for eternity?

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    Quit once, for Swtor ='(

    But have taken several "breaks" when I got bored

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    Only one time theoretically, but I would say two times. The first time was into Wrath of the Lich King. It was after Naxxramas but before Ulduar came out. I can't remember exactly why I stopped, but I remember thinking Naxx, OS and EoE were all pretty boring raids. Didn't want to run through them on a weekly basis, and being part of a raidguild that was pretty much what I had coming. This combined with the fact that a lot of my close friends stopped playing or migrated made me stop the game. However, I came back after 2 or 3 months, excited to play again.

    The second time was not really official as in me "stopping", but it happened during Cataclysm when I had maybe 2 months where I didn't log on. Similar to the first I felt kinda alone at my server and without any close friends playing, I drifted away. But I came back, and have played actively since.

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