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    quitted few times to take a break from wow boredom. Few month to return. :3

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    "Quit" after a month of Cataclysm, came back half way through Cata thinking that I was just bored
    of WoW after playing for so long. Then I realized Cataclysm still sucked and then Quit for good.

    So total 2 times, second one being for good.

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    wow has aged, and so have I, so i've "quit" the game multiple times, probably 4 major 5 month+ breaks. The game gets boring too fast now, no sense of community because of LFD, LFR, and CRZ. I pay to play a singleplayer game, and it isn't fun. The only reason i'm playing it rn is to finish everything the game has to offer before its over.

    Also LFD, LFR, CRZ ruined the game

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    I've quit once, September last year. Don't even miss it so far.
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    I wouldn't call it "quitting" but I've canceled my sub for an extended break probably 3 times, one for each expansion lasting 2-4 months each time. Also I've had multiple times where I don't log in for a couple weeks, but I don't cancel my sub for it.

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    The only time I actually actively quit was during trial of the crusader, worst pve content patch e-v-e-r, this is also the first and only time i cancelled my subscription, i've also had some downtime near the end of wotl (+1 yr ICC ), and near the end of cata (didn't like DS from the start).

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    Every year i quit from february until may or june, i dont know why but since 2008 or 09 thats the way it has been, i dont have any achievements of the holidays that take place during that time and apparently ill never get one.

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    I have never quit. I did take a few breaks (1-3 months), but never quit.

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    no longer needed
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    Over the past 5 years, I haven't quit once. There have been times, naturally, when I haven't been able to play all that much but why tell myself to quit as some sort of "statement to the world" over something like that? WoW continues to amuse and thrill me, and as long as it keeps this up I won't unsubscribe. In fact, I'm thinking about opening a 3rd account.

    Also, the game is at a better state right now than I've ever experienced before, makes me see just how poor Cataclysm was.
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    in 9 years. None. Havent quit. Taken a break. But not quit

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    I played from late vanilla through Dragon Soul. Took one break for a couple months during Wrath, planning to return. Played a lot less during Cata, until I finally quit a couple weeks after Dragon Soul came out. Checked out MoP briefly twice; once after release and once during the holidays, before letting my sub lapse. No current plans to return.

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    - I stopped around june '06 when I burnt out on the pvp grind, came back in the fall to casually raid T2 content with friends.
    - Stopped a 2nd time in '08 at the end of TBC when in game guild drama became a factor and WoW was hurting my grades, so I got rid of what was not needed. Came back when Wotlk released.
    - Stopped a 3rd time in the middle of wrath because of drama, so I left focus on school. Came back when the semester ended and switched factions. (I'll never forget logging back in for the first time and everyone in Dalaran had T9 on and I was like "wtf?!")
    - 4th time was at the end of Cata, wow had finally ran its course...

    well now that I reflect on my post, I'd say I quit twice, and took 2 breaks.

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    Once last year because I was bored of 4.3, but I knew I was coming back for MoP, and now again in january because afterall MoP isn't for me but I plan on coming back if the next expansion is better.

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    Never, I find it impossible to "quit" something that isn't a job. I do, however, take breaks from playing every now and then.

    Sometimes updated...

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    You never Quit WoW, You take breaks.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    1) Quit after 2.0 patch but before TBC - came back 3 months into TBC
    2) Quit after 3.0 and clearing Sunwell - came back 6 months later
    3) Quit after 4.0? Cata release - did not come back and unlikely ever to unless they fundamentally change the game to make it good again.

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    once. 1 year break due to a crazy work hours

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    I think I've "quit" (I took a pause because of school if that makes and difference), once in the end of WotLK and once again last year, between January and March

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    I've taken a few months break here and there, but I have never canceled my account.

    - Been playing since 06.
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