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    =*= DREAM Paragon World #1 =*=

    11/13 HC, you mad US?
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    There's already a thread for talking about this, and isn't #12 (or #13, if we count that guy - I'm hoping he'll last a few weeks, if not months ) the last boss?

    Grats to Paragon though, either they or Method will get #1 imo. Method killing bosses approx 6 hours ahead of BL and 2 ahead of Paragon, for example.

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    But 10man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    There's already a thread for talking about this, and isn't #12 (or #13, if we count that guy) the last boss?
    Pretty much this.
    Also, if you are going to brag, might as well specify that its 10 man too, as the 10/25 ARE different races.

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    Congratulations to them for being first in the 10man category.
    I'm still focusing on the 25man category though.

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    Such a helpful and constructive thread!
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    Reported for flame baiting and keep it in the thread mentioned on news. No need for these threads.

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    Cant say I enjoy following progression races any more. There used to be days of competition nowdays its just a lame ass sprint race.
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    Who the hell cares?

    If US players are seriously mad about this they need to rethink how much they care about this game.

    Also, closed in 3...2...1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapaya View Post
    But 10man.
    Way more 25 man guilds than 10 man guilds on the top 20. Speaks for itself

    I guess first to kill the last dude. the heroic only one will determin the race.

    Also. Why isnt the raid released at the same time for US/Eu ? they could have gated it one day for US. to make it fair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapaya View Post
    But 10man.
    I just knew this was going to be a reply..

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    gzzzzzzzzzz paragon b est guild world

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    There's a thread discussing world firsts in R&D section, although posts like the OP are not welcome there. No US vs. EU bashing, no 10 vs. 25 man bashing. This is nothing new.


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